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life doomer3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

I knew it was going to be a monster hunter game; too bad it's going to fail.

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iamtehpwn3191d ago

Monster hunter had poor sales on Wii.

Monster hunter's biggest sales come from Japan.

So they put a Monster Hunter game on Xbox360.



UnSelf3191d ago

see what i meant about capcom? theyre laughable smh

Saaking3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Well that's kinda dumb. Put a mainly Japanese game on a console that barely even sells in Japan? Wow, talk about a dumb move. I call it right now, timed exclusive.

I'm not trying to hate, it's only logic. It's like making FF exclusive to the 360 in Japan. You just don't do that unless you get a really big pay check. I can safely say, for all the hype, I'm very disappointed.

kaveti66163191d ago

Timed exclusive, at best. Or else Microsoft paid some serious dough to get exclusive advertising rights. There is no way that this game would not be released for the PS3. It makes little business sense, unless Microsoft is forking over all the money that Capcom would have expected to get from a PS3 release, which would likely mean that Microsoft is losing money to put this game on the 360.

Myst3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )


Seriously sat here and almost screamed the words...Where is the one for PS3? Uhhh...looks like I have a reason to get Live now...

Yeah the person above me I believe is correct, they are probably testing the waters at the moment of the HD systems ( at least on one of them ) and how MH can work on it. Especially Frontier which is a subscription based game in Japan.

Here's hoping it will come to PS3 later though...

[edit at Saaking]
This is true, but at the same time how long? Look how long it took for those games to hit the PS3, in which most people ( especially my friend ) is still waiting for Tales to be translated. So who knows.

Saaking3191d ago

Just wait a bit. Just like

Lost Planet
Tales of Vesperia
Eternal Sonata
Star Ocean IV, etc.

This is just another attempt by MS to gain in the japanese market. Wait a few months and it'll come to the PS3 just like all the above games.

RedPawn3191d ago

I honestly think they'll do a version for the PS3, like they are doing w/Nier.


Good point, then that makes me wonder when FF14 comes out, and how long MH has been in production. This will hopefully prove good since XBL, is put together and very well established.

This could be nice steel toe boot, back in the Japanese door of gaming.

MurderMyDoll3191d ago

Poor choice as an exclusive platform for a Monster Hunter game it really makes no sense. I'm just glad the exclusive game didn't end up being Devil May Cry 5 because i'd die if DMC became 360 exclusive.

Blaze9293191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Monster Hunter?...really? Freakin' Monster Hunter? There has got to be some more news surely as Capcom said "many surprises". But if this is it then wow, just wow.

I know Monster Hunter sells like CRAZY in Japan especially after that PSP one did all those numbers in like, a week. So this is just Microsoft trying to capture more Japanese audiences again I suppose. But me personally, could care less about that game.

GiantEnemyCrab3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

How else is MS going to compete in Japan other than bring HUGE franchises to their system that Japanese gamers want to play?

MH is an established franchise(made popular on Nintendo) so it makes sense to me.. MS tried the New IP thing with SE and FFXIII is exclusive to PS3 in Japan(total arsehole move) so what else brings the gamers out that isn't owned by a first party and could cross over to western gamers as well?

MicroSony4Life3191d ago

its a bad move for Capcom - Your forgetting that Microsoft has big plans for Natal in Japan and the install base will pick up if marketed well in the east.

Natal and Monster Hunter could be BIG.

Saaking3191d ago

MH is already on the Wii. Motion controls would be nothing new. And besides, MH sells mainly in Japan AND on handhelds (particularly PSP). Even MH Tri on the Wii didn't do as well as the PSP versions. How in the world would the 360 version do any better?

Dragun6193191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

I dunno if this is legit but on 2chan, Monster Hunter 4 is announced on PS3 in the Famistu magazine.

Back on topic, I think Monster Hunter frontier will be multiplatform because Capcom is a Multiplatform company or at least they they stated they were. I think it won't move more Xbox 360 units, just because alot of people play monster hunter because of the fact that you can play on the go.

Myst3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Dodging? Running? Anything that needs for the character's physical movements of the body ( excluding upper torso action such as swinging, shooting, and guarding ). What would the controls be like for Natal? How would you climb a vine and such? Seems like it would be something that would still utilize primarily the 360 controller more so than anything else.

Then again I don't have a lot of info on Natal so maybe they can think up some ways of making it so that you don't lose all the core move sets and still have it on Natal. Though if not, one might as well stick to a controller otherwise you'd need a Gym to do some of the stuff in Monster Hunter. :p


@MicroSony4Life [1.20]- I hope so, I surely hope so. The room I reside in is only so big lol.

zoks3103191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Capcom canceled the PS3 version a few years ago, only to turn around and make a MH for the Wii and Xbox360??????

Capcom, you guys really fail big time. Sony fans have been major supports of the MH series and they get the short end of the stick with an HD remake of MH, no other gamers wanted MH like Sony fans did but in the end Sony fans got nothing. Im done with Capcom.

MicroSony4Life3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

I see what your saying and you may have a point.

Like I said We wont know what impact Natal will have in the east. Capcom has been around for years - I am sure they did there homework and saw something special in Natal.

@ Nuri - Natal can work with the xbox 360 controller. I do not thing Capcom would use use strictly Natal controllers on an EXISTING franchise, maybe a new IP : )

blue7xx73191d ago

@Iamtehpawn it makes perfect sense Monster Hunter like you said sells in Japan and the xbox 360 is doing not so good there. So they are hoping to get Japanese people to buy the 360 with this game. Just like MS did with Mistwalker and their games and all the JRPG's that are on the xbox 360. They are trying to lure Japanese gamers to the xbox 360.

ThanatosDMC3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Terrible idea if they want more japanese gamers since Frontier has been playable on Japanese servers for a long long time all ready on the PC. Capcom just jacked a lot of money from MS.

Besides Live you have to pay extra to play MHF.

Noctis Aftermath3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

I'm finding this hard to believe, it just seems like such an utterly idiotic move by capcom so it will probably go multiplat at some point, and if it is true my hopes for a PS3 exclusive MH just died.

DatNJDom813191d ago

Now that Monster Hunters is on 360, its teh graetezzt gamezz evar!!! When wii and psp got it it was meh, but now that its on 360, its winzz! Everyone should know that by now.


ReservoirDog3163191d ago

The 360 has a lot of games. A lot. But you have to understand (I was one of the people saying 2009 sucked for the 360), 2009 sucked for the 360. More games came out for the Wii in 2009 than the 360.

I personally only bought one game for my 360 all year: GTA IV episodes on the disk. Incredibly worth it (loved TL&D and halfway through TBoGT) but that was it. This year looks incredible (I can't wait for SC C). But last year people could justifiably say there weren't many games.

qface643191d ago

they tried that time and time again with the exclusive JRPG in japan and that didn't work
MH on the 360 isn't going to sell good since there are only 1million 360's in japan
yes MH will push p sales of the 360 but not high
im calling the max sales for a MH game on the 360 400-500k at the most

also to the people who are saying MH3 sold bad on the wii it sold over 1million copies since when is that bad?
the newest psp version outsold it only by 100k that is not all that much

badz1493191d ago

and here I am, REALLY surprise!! MH frontier?? like really??

3191d ago
FACTUAL evidence3191d ago

MH!?! It's going to be funny...I'll wait till this come on ps3 with more content, and use of the ps3 wand...lmao....MH..cmon.....

damnightmare3191d ago

I hope this is a next gen Monster Hunter, not completely thrilled by the fact that Online is in the title. Sounds cool though, when is it officially announced, tomorrow?

hazardman3191d ago

Can you give a reason on why it's going to fail...I've never played the game so if you can fill me in on it..i would appreciate it..

baum3191d ago

Another gimped multiplatform game. Sorry Capcom, you're not getting my money this time.

blue7xx73191d ago

@qface64 Can you honestly tell me the xbox 360 would have sold 1 million units in Japan if it weren't for all those JRPG's?? Its obviously working for them I mean sure they are losing money because they basically pay a lot of money to the developers for it and pay for all the cost of the development for those games but its good for them in the long run. The first xbox never even sold 1 million in its lifetime the xbox 360 did it in what 3 or 4 years that's really good. So its working for them.

It makes perfect sense for them business wise plus I doubt capcom will lose money since like I said MS probably will pay for the development like they have with all the JRPG's games they have paid for developers to make for the xbox 360.

qface643191d ago

people are saying its going to fail because MH games only sell in japan where there are barely any 360's to begin with

not to mention that MH console games have been paid to play online in japan

so its not even gonna sell 1million copies

MicroSony4Life3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Didn't you get the memo: anything released on the 360 equals automatic fail.

You might be new to N4G so here are words of advise, N4G is full of 360 and PS3 trolls so do not waste your time trying to get a sensible answer.

@qface GTFO and stay out. You dam well know what those trolls mean when they say it will fail on the 360.

qface643191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

just because most people are being fanboys about it being on 360 doesn't change the fact about what they are saying is true

the game will fail all i did was state the most obvious reasons why it will

bioshock12213191d ago

lol at all the Sony fanboys insecure much. Anyways smart move by MS they haven't had anything in a while to get the Japanese market excited about for the xbox 360 and this might do it. They know what they are doing I doubt they expect this to sell 1 million like most morons are saying I'm sure they are being realistic about it. When blue dragon got release all they were hoping for was for it to sell 250,000 copies and it did.

Plus you guys do realize that monster hunter isn't only popular in japan only I mean yes that is where most of the fan base is but I'm sure people in Europe or the US would give it a chance.

TotalPS3Fanboy3191d ago

but Capcom? Come on! Whoever made this decision is worst than Wada.

Rock Bottom3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Because Monster Hunter Frontier was released in Japan back in 2007, for PC(Koreans got it in 2008). It never got an English release, is this an HD remake?! couse they can't release a different game with the same name, it's bad publicity. :p

Simon_Brezhnev3191d ago

Do microsoft really think the Japanese is going to buy a 360 plus this game and on top of that pay for xbox live?

Arnon3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Monster Henter 4/1?...

AAACE53191d ago

To a fanboy this seems stupid, but if you examine...

MS wants to sell more 360's in japan. Japanese gamers will bend over backwards for games they love... Like Monster Hunters! You see how they reacted to FFXIII releasing.

You can claim loyalty and honor or whatever crap you believe in, but people go after what they want! The other Jrpg's did kinda ok in japan and some of those were unknown products. If japan is really as obsessed with MH games, this could be a win for both companies!

RememberThe3573191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

You guys sound like a bunch of children. Each fanboy camp laughing at the other or being fanboys. Get off your high horses and back down to earth.

And thanks Max Speed for starting it all off with your jab at MAG and over-enthusiastic, crappy list of 360 games. Shoot, I could have made a better list than that...

Edit: @AAA: I could easily state that Japanese gamers don't like the 360 and I would be generalizing just as much has you are.

Monster Hunter Tri didn't sell nearly as much as the PSP versions of the game. The Wii's install base is over 8 time larger than the 360's in Japan. If people weren't willing to go out and get MHT on the Wii in droves than what makes you think they will change their ways for a console they generally don't like?

I'm sure it will sell well for a 360 game in Japan but it's not going to be even close to FF13 or the other MH games.

Skip_Bayless3191d ago

1. Microsoft payed a great deal of money and the investment will never pay off. Microsoft loses in the end no matter what in the East.
2. The game won't sell and it won't sell systems beyond the first month.
3. Microsoft has already tried with several exclusive RPGs, but they all failed to boost 360. Several exclusive rpgs from Square Enix is a lot stronger than one Monster Hunter exclusive.
4. The 360 cannot be revived unless they cut the price dramatically and get all the Japanese games basically exclusive to the 360.
5. I'd be pissed if I was a 360 fan because this takes away money being invested in the West.

Ravage273191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

and NOT an actual MH4. Everyone's overreacting a little here - including me lol :p

Guess it's no biggie then, we are getting Sengoku Basara 3 as a PS3 exclusive. But this pretty much confirms that the REAL MH4 will be multiplatform - which is what everyone expects anyway

Exquisik3191d ago

Actually, Monster Hunter became popular on Sony's PS2 and PSP. It's not until the recent MH (MH Tri), did a MH appear on a Nintendo platform. In fact all MH are released on Sony platform except MH Tri (Wii) and MH Frontier (PC).

I'm curious as to how this will work out on Live since there will be a subscription fee. Do you have to pay for Live and the subscription fee in order to play MH Frontier? I sure hope not...

camachoreloaded88063191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

I would have been more excited if it was an announcement of when they are going to announce that Resident Evil 6 has begun development.

Sort of like some other game I can't recall at the moment, where the anticipated countdown on its website just revealed when they were going to announce the game's release date, haha.

FamilyGuy3191d ago

M$ is such an a$$hole for this, I'm pissed. WTF is wrong with Capcom?

Sarcasm3190d ago

I thought it was going to be something mindblowing, like Resident Evil 6 exclusive to the 360 or something.

lightningsax3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I don't get these "Why would you put Monster Hunter on X360?" posts. It's Japan. Why isn't Monster Hunter on X360 yet? It's on the Wii, PS3, DS, and PSP, after all, and it's still Japan's addictive craze. It's an easy sales shot for Capcom, since it won't need insane production values to sell, just good ones.

That said, I think it's pretty funny that we were all predicting some Natal-enabled watershed world event to be announced in Japan from Capcom (or, like a bunch of us said, Strider?) and it winds up being the blatantly obvious choice, Monster Hunter. It's like if Smucker's announced a new project, we all decided it was going to be a giant tank/robot, and it wound up being grape jelly.

Guido3190d ago

They should have taken a hint from Square Enix and their poor relationship with MS over in Japan. They get nowhere with this silly logic and only make themselves look stupid by siding with the Western Hardware company.

tripewire3190d ago


Didnt work with all those SE RPG's.

Doubt this will work.

Rush-Sykes3190d ago

O stop whining you morons, Of course its not coming to the PS3 simply because its an old mediocre MMO RPG that's been on the PC in japan for years.

Capcom know there Monster Hunter sales figures better then you trolls so don't act they took this move without thinking. Final Fantasy 14 is coming to the PS3 a release of a 2007 PC MMO wouldn't rival that so Capcom are going to release it on a platform FF14 ain't coming it.

And why its true Monster Hunter games ain't all the range outside Japan. You know what there's a huge Market for? MMO's World of Warcraft says Hi, to all you complete and utter idiots saying its going to fail.

I don't even know why your panties are in a twist. If the game had an real potential don't you think they would of released it outside of Japan on the PC by now?

You have FF14 sod Monster Hunter it's not some next gen master piece look at the system reqirements for the PC

Hardware Requirements
A 1.0 GHz processor, 256 MB of RAM, a video card supporting DirectX 8.1 or higher with 64 MB of VRAM, and a 16bit soundcard are all that is needed

Now seriously before you fanboys make yourself look any more pathetic shut up. Capcom knows there market better then you and they always will do.

ThanatosDMC3190d ago

I would have been pissed if it was RE6 with Leon S. Kennedy... he pwns.

Oztheboss3190d ago

Are Microsoft going after Japan AGAIN? Geez guys, just leave it. Pick your battles, you bullies.

The Happy Baby3190d ago

it might have something to do with the whole Gears/LP crossover.
Monster Hunter wont do well on 360. Not enough shoot shoot kill kill, lol.

vhero3190d ago

Monster Hunter 4 is exclusive to PS3 though... So I guess this is like Nier? 2 different games in the same IP on different consoles?

Nikuma3190d ago

Bleh! MH is one of my favorite franchises! I hope PS3 gets a proper MH release down the road or else I'll be dusting off my Wii for MH3.

TheTwelve3190d ago

....another game to test-drive for glitches and performance on the 360, with the better, updated and more full version coming out on the PS3 on a later date.

Capcom is wise.


ludabenza3190d ago

Looks like Capcom are backing the wrong horse here. I wonder how much Microsoft must have paid Capcom to go this route. Certainly not the most logical thing to do, given that Monster Hunter's sales come predominantly in Japan.

pain777pas3187d ago

money makes people do the dumbest things.

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ASSASSYN 36o3191d ago

Well some people requested this game. I will still continue to hold out for another Steel Battalion game.

GameOn3191d ago

That is wat I wanted also.

Seems like he type of game that Xbox fans may like and could also work with natal.

oh well.

THE MAX SPEED 213191d ago


Monster hunter cant be exlusive.

Unicron3191d ago

That's not true. It'll stay exclusive and be highly successful like all Japan targeted 360 exclusives... like Eternal Sonata, and Star Ocean, and...

Godmars2903191d ago

After all the other "exclusives" that came in Japan for the 360, there can't be any belief in the word there. The only real question is how long will it stay "exclusive" and what's going to be different about a PS3 version.

lightningsax3190d ago

There are a billion iterations of Monster Hunter, all of them borrowing giant chunks of material from the other games, and all of the new ones with odd, unique titles. This particular incarnation will be exclusive, but who cares? Look for when Monster Hunter just has a number at the end of it. That's when it's a sequel.

ClownBelt3191d ago

I guess this is to battle FF 14?

Man, a lot of MH fans on the PS3 will cry blood about this. Lmao.

Myst3191d ago

Crying blood right now, even though I have a 360 I'm still crying :'( lol.

Ravage273191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

the Japanese won't buy this bullshit, not after the whole Tales of Vesperia and Star Ocean 4 fiasco. Watch this game flop and a port for the ps3 gets announced a year later.

Honestly, this is a game that WILL be developed with or without M$ funds. This is classic example of M$ using $$$ to prevent ps3 gamers from playing it, especially since Monster Hunter is a franchise that made its name on Sony's platform.