Real Life Call of Duty Throwing Knife

YourEMGN Writes: "The creators of the Modern Warfare 2 Muliplayer Tactical strategy guide, Sea Snipers, has sent Infinity Ward a replica of the killer throwing knife we've seen in the games."

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Madusha3279d ago

Man that thing looks amazing and also very dangerous. A great job by Sea Snipers.

X_iGame_X3279d ago

so dats y itz a 1 hit k0 haha

dkblackhawk503279d ago

Hot damn, the ultimate throwing knife : D

mjolliffe3279d ago

How big is it? In real life it'll be harder to throw...

CaptainMarvelQ83279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

but whats stupid in the game is that you throw a knife at someones leg and he

golfboy3278d ago

well first sometimes it doesn't work properly and the person doesn't die