G4TV: What Will Be the Biggest Wii Games of 2010?

Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb talk about some of the mostly highly anticipated Nintendo Wii games of 2010. Find out which games will get pushed to 2011, when you might see a new Zelda game and why 3rd party developers are jumping ship.

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tunaks13189d ago

uh they screwed up, Red Steel 2 is rated T
some other inconsistencies: they say that finally there is a reason to boot up the wii, then they talk about MadWorld, RE:DC (did they forget about everything they previously reviewed?). The reason hardcore games "don't" sell (which is a little to general, because we all know that most sell enough to make a profit) are because of stuck up HD owners who buy the Wii and complain about it collecting dust. Maybe if those people went out and bought a couple of core Wii games then we would start to see sales.

EvilTwin3188d ago

That's the first thing that came to mind for me, too -- RS2 isn't gonna get tagged with an M-rating.

And for all its problems, MadWorld was actually a modest success.

COD has sold a million copies with each Wii release, and MWR looks like it will continue that trend.

M-rated games can sell on Wii. But super-niche games with no replayability are a tough sell on any console.

Anywho...despite the condescending tone, they actually DID pick some good games to get hyped for.

Gr813189d ago

Of Losers. I wonder who owns this channel. i can't wait for these shows to bite the dust.

asdr3wsfas3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

Comcast owns g4, xplay came from techtv when they bought it. The original purchase was because comcast could then get all the cable providers who carried techtv to play g4 when they had refused initially because comcast owned g4. They basically gutted techtv and left 1 or 2 shows, of which xplay is the survivor.

The channel is awesome if you like bad reality tv like cheaters. Did you ever see the cheaters where the host gets stabbed?

That said Morgan Webb looks like a man. Never forget.

Gr813188d ago

Heard about that episode! I actually like Ninja Warrior lol. Its not the channel I have a problem with, its x-play and attack of the show (to a lesser extent) and their fanboy forum dwelling logic that always seems to talk about their Wii's collecting dust, which is echoed by people here who 9/10 times don't even own the system.

The whole X-Play crew are just a bunch of talking heads, and I know there's an agenda there.

I'll E-mail Jesse Ventura to look into this ; )

asdr3wsfas3188d ago

Agreed, I always wonder what X-play's problem is. Giving Muramasa a 3 because you have to backtrack without mentioning the warp mechanic is a joke. I wonder if it's just money being tossed at them or if they are that stuck up and moronic.

Oh well, Morgan Webb likes to act like she knows tech and she has a rhetoric degree. There's an episode where she builds an ultra gaming cpu with ram that won't work on the motherboard she picked ;)

Graphic: The host of cheaters stabbed. It's almost Shakespearean.

Seekerofthewind3189d ago

Two quick questions:

1) What 3rd Party Developers have 'jumped ship'?
2) Why can't G4TV just accept that it is the MTV of gaming, and replace X-Play with more Cops re-runs?

asdr3wsfas3188d ago

Because cheaters is way better than cops and deserves that time slot more!

3189d ago
quantumriian3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I want The Grinder, although the announcement that 4-player support is now 2-player has me down in the dumps. Hmm, why can't we just get L4D on the PS3?

By the way, while I was typing this I saw a commercial for Tatsunoko vs. Capcom on Adult Swim so that pretty cool

Double Toasted3188d ago

...hmmm...I'll still buy it though.

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