Halo: Reach Noble Team Profile #1

Gameinformer: "Halo: Reach introduces a brand new squad of battle-tested veteran Spartans, fighting together to hold back the Covenant hordes that invade the planet of Reach. Every day this week, we'll be highlighting one of the five established members of Noble team, filling you in on the soldiers that will be fighting by your side in the new game. Today, we take a look at the team's leader, Carter."

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Kalowest3240d ago

A Halo game that has a story, with some awesome looking characters, Bungie is trying to go out with a bang, with Reach.

THE MAX SPEED 213240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

this is going to rock. It looks like Bungie Watched alot of Animes before doing the new Armors. They look really Cool.

Convas3240d ago

Man, REACH info is coming in hot of the press. It's a smorgasborg! It's just January and excitement is already pretty high, I can only imagine what to they'll reveal to us in the next months, with X10, GDC and E3. Exciting times ya'll, exciting times!