Sony Doesn't Regret Passing Up God Of War II On PS3

Gameinformer: "What if God of War II would have launched with the PS3? Don't be surprised if your head begins aching from the possibilities. We recently chatted with Shuhei Yoshida, Sony Computer Entertainment's senior vice president of product development, about the decision to go ahead and release Kratos's second god-murdering adventure on the PS2 late in the console's life."

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LordMarius3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Good thing, because I wasn't ready to jump on this gen when GoW2 came out, and it would have probably sold less, plus the way it ended made more people buy a PS3

snipermk03408d ago

how many units did it actually sell on the PS2?

WildArmed3408d ago

I think most of GoW3's marketting was done by it's previous releases.
GoW was a new IP, GoW2 was an establishing IP.. now it's a full IP that most people have heard about.
If GoW2 came to ps3 first, then I dont think GoW would have been the same

snipermk03408d ago

Seriously? I ask a genuine question and ppl disagree? I'd like those apocalyptic dingle berries to come forward and tell me why they're actually disagreeing with me.

UnSelf3408d ago

the only thing worst than a fanboy on this site is a user who questions why ppl disagree with him

RedPawn3408d ago

I agree 100%, for the simple facts is the PS3 was completely untapped for design, power and we didn't need an Unreal 3 Engine, God of War. Sony's advertisements were too SciFi, abstract, & not showcasing their games. Having what is supposed to be the end of 1 of the greatest action games ever created on the system which has the specs to run what they intended, is very much needed.

God of War will do exactly what it needs to do, and then some. It's good games like Uncharted 2 have been beneficial on breaking into the Japanese market, making it possible for this to find more homes.

RememberThe3573408d ago

VGChartz has GoW2 at 2.59 million.

baum3408d ago

But I don't think it would have sold less on PS3. I've seen Xbox fanboys say those are poor sales for an install base of 135+ million, but what most people forget is that sales do not depend on install base alone, but on target audience; and well, once you've captured the hardcore, it's not like hardcore games will sell more with more casuals on board.

Anyway, PS2 was a highly pirated console, so I'm sure God of War 2 was enjoyed by a ton more people than what its sales would make anyone think. On the other hand, making it only for PS3 would have ensured that nobody would pirate the game. Sure, it doesn't mean that 10 million people would have bought the game or a PS3 just for the game, but it definitely would have been a smart move. It would have been GOTY 2007 (well, it was, but not on PS3).

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unrealgamer583408d ago

you change you're avatar alot.

-Alpha3408d ago

But at the same time, back then, the PS2 was still the hottest thing and the 360 was just coming out.

It was better for GoW2 to be the swan song for the PS2.

The PS3 was very foreign and probably would have made the whole process so much harder, so developing on the familiarity of the PS2 seems like the best idea.

-MD-3408d ago

I had already sold my PS2 by the time this came out, I would have preferred it on the PS3.

snipermk03408d ago

You had a PS2 now did ya? Niceeeeeee...

Unicron3408d ago

Who sells a PS2? I mean honestly!


me...i had a 60 gb...and the money went toward my xbox 360

-MD-3408d ago

I had 3 or 4 ps2s I can't remember, they would break pretty often.

RememberThe3573408d ago

What the hell were you doing to those things?

baum3408d ago

Xbox fanboys always say they had 6 PS2s, lol

Michael-Jackson3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

I had my Original PS2 since 2004 and it still works, the controller didn't function properly in 2008, WTH?

-MD-3408d ago

Why would I lie about having 3 ps2s break lol? Wasn't it like widely known that dvds stressed out the fan belt inside of it or some crap? That's what I always heard, regardless they would just puke after about a year.

Ravage273408d ago

the original PS,PS1(the portable one),PS2,PSP,PS3 and i still have all of them now. Out of the list, my PS2 is the only one that isn't working BUT that is because a ****ing cousin of mine stepped on it while i was playing MGS3.

I might be one of those 'lucky' ones but from my experience, Sony generally builds quality hardwares. My dad is still using our 12 years old Sony CRT tv and my Bravia is still going strong after 3 years.

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tunaks13408d ago

well they got to release it twice, so if you didnt own it on the ps2 theres nothing stopping you from getting it now

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