In Defense of GameStop

That the retailer sells used games priced closely to new ones rubs many in the industry the wrong way. They feel that those sales are eating into their profit margins. Who wouldn't want to save five dollars (plus 10 percent for customers with Edge cards) on a barely played copy? (Although, GameStop claims that only four percent of used sales are of titles released less than 60 days prior, which is generally accepted as the period when most revenue is earned.)

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bearsfaan3186d ago

I love the idea of buying and selling used games, but I do feel like GameStop is hurting publishers the way they are undercutting them. I hate the whole "download code for something that should have been on the disc" thing, but I can't say that I blame the publishers for doing it. I wish both parties could co-exist...

deadreckoning6663186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

Gamestop rips people off...nuff said. Ur better off selling games on Ebay.

Wrathman3186d ago

ur all correct.these retailers are destroying the industry.i remember buyin gears of war.£45 brand new from GAME.i hated it and took it back the next £15 for it.disgrace.never traded in another game.which is why im hyper-selective about wot i buy need to be a game with replay value before i buy.

before id have bought a game every month or so.regardless of reviews.over four years i have collected just 25 games for my xbox.before the xbox360 i owned a dreamcast and amassed 30 games in a year.some good and some not so good.

it sickens me to think i get £15 for a trade in then they mark it up to 40£

cpuchess3186d ago

I rather pay the full price for a brand new copy than 1 that is just $5 less

bearsfaan3186d ago

So would I, but a lot of people would rather save the $5 (plus 10% with the Edge card). I think GameStop knows that digital distribution will put them out of business within five years and they're trying to squeeze every dollar out of their business model while they still can.

3186d ago
Gago3186d ago

how about the fact that they sell used opened games as new?

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The story is too old to be commented.