PS3 Production Has Begun

Asustek Computer, one of the world's largest producers of computer components, has reportedly begun to ship Sony PlayStation 3 game consoles to Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. The fact that the consoles are being manufactured means that the hardware specs had been finalized and the launch will take place in mid-November.

The Chinese-language Apple Daily and Commercial Times newspaper reported late on Tuesday that Asustek Computer started shipments of PlayStation 3 (PS3) game consoles in small volume in the beginning of July, according to DigiTimes web-site. According to a report, about 200 thousand component sets were shipped to Asus in June, which means that the company is in position to build 200 thousand game consoles. It is also said that in July the Taiwanese builder will receive higher amount of component sets for the PS3, while in September and October the company will get "more than one million [component] sets.

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Islandkiwi6157d ago

If the hardware specs have been finalized and production has begun, can we please see the finalized hardware specs?

joemutt6157d ago

Went to lowes to buy a BBQ grill, they wanted like $1,000 for one, man the PS3 is going to be a steal!!

gamerof3606156d ago

te he..nice like i said it before Sony should really think about teaming up with Gary Coleman

achira6157d ago

how was it earlier ? noone was interested in specs. you just went to the shop and bought a console. games are the important thing ! i cant wait for all the good games.


you're going to be waiting a long time...

achira6157d ago

yes 4 months is a long time a very long time. i bet you cant wait also.


what launch game has you so excited?

Xconcepts6157d ago

Cause you won't get one unless you did. I reserved back in Dec 05. So hopefully they get enough so I get one. It'll go straight on ebay, sorry to much to get right now and keep. Expecially for the holiday season.

Jay da 2KBalla6157d ago

the ps3 will play games! OMG I didnt know it culd do that


xconcepts- you can sell it to achira on ebay!



also warhawk just because i was a fan of the old one, it might not be the best looking but it looks fun

gamerof3606156d ago

the resistance games looks pretty good but it kindof looks like Lost Plant to me

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jwatt6157d ago

Start making them early.

gnothe16157d ago

I never doubted that the PS3 would launch this year!! it HAS to!! sony can not afford to give xbox another holiday shopping weather its ready or not, or in its best shape possibly, its coming this year!!

shotty6157d ago

Thats why there is a huge fire in china right now and are having a huge energy crisis. :P