Is Romance In Games Like Mass Effect Even Necessary?

Playing through a western RPG means that you'll be subjected to a lot of choices. Fallout, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, they all love to offer the player decisions that naturally have repercussions. From the group you assemble to the alliances you make, these decisions shape the very foundation of experience. Selecting a character that isn't good for the team may lead to some harder boss fights, and so on. But where does romance fit into all this?

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NewZealander3408d ago

if you want to create well rounded and believable characters then probably yes, in a game like mass effect 2 where you interact with everyone, you want to see personality and emotions come out, it draws you into the experience.

Sanrin3408d ago

I guess that really depends, depth in a character is not only created by conversation but what experiences you share with that character. With only a limited amount of interaction it's hard to accept that any of Commander Shepherds romantic interests are genuine, except maybe the flings.

Godmars2903408d ago

From everything I've seen of ME it seems to fall into the tired old routine of anything non-human acting human. There's no trace of individual culture in any of the alien races. And yet you can pork anything that moves, which again is another human - male - trait.

ReservoirDog3163408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Whether it's a good attempt or a bad attempt at this point, you just have to give it to the developers for trying. If someone tries, albeit not too great an attempt like many games, they tried when no one else has tried.

They set the foundation for further attempt. Like Kojima overdoing it on story in the MGS series or David Cage attempting a story game like Indigo Prophecy. To a certain degree, it might be a failed attempt (though both great games, it's just an example), without them trying, the industry wouldn't try growing from the place they set. Kojima brought more cinematic storytelling into games, David Cage is trying to make and interactive movie with Heavy Rain. Kojima's push caused Heavy Rain.

There hasn't been a Casablanca for video games but we had KOTOR where we all tried falling in love with Bastilla (not saying that was the first time falling in love was an option in a game, but it was my first game where that happened). From there, others tried building off that and because of that first small push, we'll someday have our Casablanca.

Raf1k13408d ago

You're right. I agree with that.

Bnet3433408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

What a dumb question. Who cares about romance, the game is good.

Tony P3408d ago (Edited 3408d ago )

Start taking ideas from Japanese dating sims. Sounds funny, but these guys have got game romances down to a fine art. Do not be ashamed to poach some ideas and mechanics as it will only enrich your own romance plot.

There is a lot of untouched depth you could explore like y'know... dating. BioWare couples don't date. You don't know her favourite food or colour or flower or music. You get to learn her history... But you don't really create any special moments together.

I know it sounds untraditional for an RPG, but Persona does it and makes the character development stand out that much more. Why not absorb it into other games?

execution173408d ago

depending if it's believable, lol or you can go all Gears 2 with the MARIA!!! (sorry it always come to mind)
heck even the old mario games had some relationship stuff :) the first 7 castles you have toad flipping you off telling you shes in another castle, then you finally save the princess then presumably not get laid

Godmars2903407d ago

Forget the dating sims and sex, they need to show some general camaraderie. Male and female to help define the other character's personalities. Make them more than just the walking guns really only there for the mission.

Why do you think the Wrex is such a memorable character: you're in the middle of mission and one small detail comes up about his race's history and suddenly you're either talking him down or blowing him away.

Triella3407d ago

Agreed with Tony P at least in some Dating Sims you have to "work hard" to get the boy/girl, even in Indigo Prophecy you actually had to seduce the girls in some sort of way, in Mass Effect it just seems like Shepard is the ultimate alien women's magnet and you basically just need to stand there, wait for one to talk to you and then choose to take or not the opportunity to have a quicky when it presents itself.

But hey, I like my porns to be more elaborated than just a "plumber X or delivery guy Z fantasy" that's why the kind of "romance" in Mass effect seems just unecessary to me.

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mephman3408d ago

I guess if they make it any more realistic, then it starts getting a bit creepy. Mass Effect teaches people how to get the girl (or guy)!

There are plenty of Japanese games that take this aspect of gaming into a lot more detail.

ShawnCollier3408d ago

I dunno, most of the games I've seen do this don't usually make it very convincing.

Selyah3408d ago

Not too sure myself, it can add to the story but some do seem to be using it as a rather cheesy selling point.

willud4skins3408d ago

anything and everything that gives you a boner is necessary.

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