Dissidia : Final Fantasy Debut Trailer

This is the In theater footage of Dissidia : Final Fantasy from the Square Enix Party 2007.

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Vojkan4735d ago

...does everyone in FF games(especially in this video) looks like biggest gay that acts like not gay!? Just look at Spehiron when he appears at the end of the video! I could mistake him for a girl! His face is so feminine, ridiculos.

VirusE4734d ago

Who the hell is spehiron and what does he have to do with FF??

specialguest4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Because this is a Japanese game and was made to appeal to Japanese. You gotta think out of the shell. Ever wonder why most typical American hero or character gotta be this big muscular square-jawed brute? It's because that's what society in America views as a hero type. Also, did you know that the Japanese view muscular men as leaning more towards the gay side? That's society for yah.

Naluka4733d ago

Video link isn't working for me. Keeps coming up with a 403 Forbidden.