Are Video Games Part of the Cultural Ghetto?

If you were to publicly admit to being a fan of Green Lantern or The Fantastic Four, you're likely to get more raised eyebrows than if you said you played Modern Warfare 2 or Madden 2010.

So why is one hobby looked upon with scorn while the other is safer to admit to in mixed company?

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Maddens Raiders3285d ago (Edited 3285d ago )

gotta love the old ((?)) at the end of freaking op-ed pieces. First of all "ghetto" is not a word that should be used metaphorically or not when describing video games and comic books for crying out loud - and I don't give a shyt how "eloquent" Chris Hecker was trying to be - it was just stupid and doesn't make sense at all.

The ghetto is a place that some people are born into and rise out of to become luminaries, trendsetters, world movers & icons. It's also a place where people are born that live a life of sparse happiness, shattered dreams and the constant threat of violence and drug infestation.
"Comics aren’t looking to expand their readership: Aside from the sporadic re-launch of a marquee title like Batman or Iron Man to draw in new readers, comics are laser-focused on the same audience they’ve always had: under- or overweight guys with bad personal hygiene that live in their parents’ basements. Video games, however, are actively looking to broaden their appeal, as anyone who’s bought a Nintendo Wii or spent countless hours playing FarmVille or Mafia Wars on Facebook can attest. With easy, intuitive controls and a low barrier to entry, more people are likely to call themselves gamers than pick up an issue of The Flash."

excuse me, but isn't someone (bitmob) making a wild assumption to think that comics only appeal to stinky fat guys who live in basements (yawn) - just as people used to say that video games only appeal to zit faced, sweaty palmed teenagers?

The bottom line is that technology has allowed society to become more involved with a popular diversion (vg's) as compared to the age old tradition of comic books. Remember comics blossomed in an age where Beaver Cleaver was the Will Smith of daytime and women believed everything that their husbands told them because that's what society expected at the time. Now society embraces games and gamers almost ubiquitously - whether male / female / older / or younger. My, my my how times have changed.

One thing that the bitmob failed to mention is that comic books require *reading and comprehension. A feat too often avoided by today's "ghettofied" MTV generation. This is another reason why comic books have declined to capture the new generation's imagination because people don't read anymore - i mean what good Wolverine vs. the Yakuza plot could dare compare to "FarmVille or Mafia Wars on Facebook" <_< | >_>...?

The entire common-folk society of the world is so dumbed down compared to say civilised people of the 18th century - from a literary sense - we are dumb as nails.