Microsoft: We Don't Have a High Defect Rate on 360

Microsoft was recently pressed on the Xbox defect rate by columnist Dean Takahashi, but the company denied that there are any "systematic issues." Todd Holmdahl, Microsoft's corporate vice president of Gaming and Xbox Products Group, said the 360 does not have a high defect rate. More within...

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nix4733d ago

come on MS! stop ignoring the issue. and oh... i'm not going to approve this... because poor xbox fanboys will start accusing me that i am a sony droid! i pity you guys!

MaximusPrime4733d ago

Microsoft is so desperate to stay popular.

clownfacemcgee4733d ago

"We don't have a high defect rate" and "I did not have sex with that woman."

nix4733d ago

what if in reality, he was having sex with a man... LOL!!! q:

Shadow Flare4733d ago

cough*hahawuhaha...ahem, AHAHAAAHA

Jeez did i read that right? "Microsoft: We Don't Have a High Defect Rate on 360". Oh man! OK Microsoft, if you don't have a high defect rate, then produce some figures to prove it's not high. You won't do that? Is that because its not just a little over the average defect rate, but WAY over the average defect rate? MAN, own up to the poor quality you designed it as microsoft! At least say there is a problem and you're working on it!

Captain Tuttle4733d ago

I love my 360 (#2) and won't be getting a PS3 for a number of reasons but for MS to deny there's a problem is insulting.

Bathyj4733d ago

Its refreshing to hear someone whose a fan of Xbox (as I myself am) admit that, rather than go the "I'm on my launch console so there is no problem" head in the sand approach.

So many of the Xbots (and I'm not using that phrase about you) just dont want to know about this issue. If you want proof, look, your comment already got a disagree.

M1am1U4733d ago (Edited 4733d ago )

my launch console got the red rings while the HDD was seated. They sent me a replacement in 3 days and that one has worked like a charm since. I really enjoy the console, but I will say that it's a little odd that they're skirting the red ring issue so much. The console is doing extremely well despite the problems, so why won't they just own up to any issue and move on? It's apparently not going to hurt sales.

felidae4733d ago

nice 2 know that you won't be getting a ps3.

what's that got to do with the article?

eeehm.... nothing.

Captain Tuttle4733d ago

What's your post got to do with the article tough guy?

Bathyj4733d ago

Obviously my post was insulting, arrogant, biased or just down right rude. I must have really upset someone unfairly with ill conceived rubbish i spewed out, never thinking about the consequences.

Or maybe there are just too many over sensitive kids here that need to grow up a bit and realise having your say means you have to let others have their say.

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paracardium4733d ago

cheaply made products seem to be popular nowadays lol.

Bill Gates4733d ago

This is like a slap in the face to everyone who has had more than one 360. Get some balls M$.

NewZealander4732d ago

just because america got a faulty launch batch dont take it out on the rest of us who have had no problems, yes im sorry for the few that have had to get replacements but thats no reason to make out ms is lieing or whatever
its funny how the ps3 people do the most complaining about this issue, i know heaps of happy 360 owners and they havnt had a problem
if the problem was as big as sony fans say then why is it the most popular console and why is there so many happy people playing on live and enjoying the console? and why no recall?
here in NZ the failure rate isnt even an issue! i asked around and most stores said they sell lots and its verry rare for them to get one returned for repairs
there was a problem but i dont believe the problem is anywhere near as bad as what people make out it is, its the one chink in microsofts armour and sony fans keep going for it, its so 2005 guys!