God of War Side-Scroller Was Briefly Considered

With a Metacritic rating of 91, God of War: Chains of Olympus is the perfect example of how to successfully take a cherished console IP and bring it to a portable platform.

In a new roundtable interview, IndustryGamers spoke to three PSP developers about bringing console franchises to the Sony portable, and Ready at Dawn revealed an interesting tidbit about its own design approach to Chains of Olympus.

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-Alpha3188d ago

Could make a great PSN title.

Let's not ditch the idea completely-- imagine Shadow Complex in GoW format. That would be fun.

sinncross3188d ago

There is a side scroller GOW on cell phones.. just port it with better graphics, sound and more content.


LordMarius3188d ago

Lets not milk God of War Sony, leave the milking to your competition

Anorexorcist3188d ago (Edited 3188d ago )

The Milking Quota for the past decade was met entirely by Microsoft, and so far in the beginning month of this new decade, they are seen as the early favorites to do so once again.

Redempteur3188d ago

so their pride allowed them to bypass all the challenges the psp was for making a god of war game ?

Then pride is beautifull