5 Things that Don't Suck About Mass Effect 2

From the feature response:

"In response to an article posted on N4G earlier today titled "Five Things that Suck About Mass Effect 2" I have decided to write an official response, to such a ridiculous piece of writing that it can only be called idiotic. I will take each point he makes against Bioware's epic RPG and explain to you why it's plain wrong - and what makes this game one of the best Xbox 360 titles ever created. By the end you will see that the only reason this site wrote and posted such a junky article was to garner traffic. Without further delay I present you with Five Things that Don't Suck About Mass Effect 2 - a rebuttal."

No Mass Effect 2 spoilers are in this article.

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3189d ago
blue7xx73189d ago

Yeah that game looks great can't wait to buy it. Anyways I love how N4G works when someone writes an article about bashing any platform you can count on someone writing a counter argument article about the negative one in here lol.

Rockox3189d ago

Just started playing the game. Not reading any more potential spoiler-filled "articles" like this one.

Tony P3189d ago

The first article was bad enough.

This is just prolonging the shame of gamers everywhere.

And you wonder why we wrap quotes around gaming "journalism".

SaberEdge3189d ago

Well, I haven't played the game yet, but I can say that I found this article more convincing than the article it was a response to. I think the first article was just to get hits.

callahan093189d ago

Really, You're going to respond to stupid fanboy articles posted on N4G? Why don't you just ignore it and not stoop to their level. You already posted your review, that's enough thank you.

UltimaEnder3189d ago

No spoilers in this one....

Christopher3188d ago

The article writer really should have realized that the point of the original article, talking about 5 things that ME2 did bad, was to articulate how good it was by showing how minor and inconsequential the bad elements were. It's like doing a bad 5 things article on Halo, Uncharted 2, or Shadow of the Colossus.

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tdrules3189d ago

i think theres more than 5 things :P

UltimaEnder3189d ago

They also broke embargo; which is what joke sites do to get attention from aggregate sites....

003189d ago

I don't think this will get approved.

UltimaEnder3189d ago

IThe article this is in response too did, and someone needs to let people know how wrong that piece of trash article is.....approve this so people will know that ME2 isn't junk.....

damnightmare3189d ago

Did you even READ their review?

They gave it a 9/10 and praised it to the high heavens like everyone else. They wanted to make an article to show the game is NOT perfect though. I do not see what is wrong with that.

THIS is just pathetic

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blitz06233189d ago

A fansite responding automatically to an opinionated article about things that the author thought sucked. Wow, talk about fanboyism

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