Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and the Shooting Gallery Effect

Bitmob: The other week I attended a press event for EA's upcoming shooter, Battlefield: Bad Company 2. EA touted the event as the single-player reveal, kicking it off with a developer-led tour through a South American jungle.

As the developer snuck through the jungle with his squad, I marveled at the television screens -- the game looked spectacular. The dev rushed to cover, popped up and knocked out one, two, three headshots, then switched to the secondary fire and blew a chunk out of a wooden shack with a grenade. Dudes flew through the air like extras out of Predator. Later, he shot a propane tank to explode another shack, and this time a guy came running out of the wreckage engulfed in flames, screaming and collapsing at the developer's feet.

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