IGN: The Top 25 iPhone Games

At this writing, there are 30,000 games for the iPhone and iPod touch. That's more than the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii libraries combined. (And even then, you still have over 25,000 games to go.) IGN has sifted through the App Store to bring you the Top 25 games you should download.

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3189d ago
rrquinta3189d ago

I just got an iphone and the staggering amount of aps (including games) is daunting. This is just what I need to see what's worth spending my money on.

Qdog3189d ago

This is an invaluable resource to all owners including myself. I hope to see apps that take full advantage of my 3GS soon. It's kind of funny really. I liken my browsing of the appstore to accidentally dropping my last quarter in the toilet before I've had the chance to flush. In order to find my quarter, I have to sift through the muck, much like looking for a good game or app amongst the thousands of useless, and copyright infringing apps and games available. I dont know how many times I've went to the games by release date tab, only to see multiple iMafia point entries.

Braineater24483189d ago

Be warned: Only one game per page and only #25-20 are available right now. Misleading title.

Christopher3189d ago

Yeah, was about to post that as well. Really hate how everything is tied to 'clicks' on these sites, so they parse the information out into as small of bits and pieces as possible.