Crysis reflects a fraction of DX 10's potential

Everyone would agree that Crytek's FPS Crysis looks jaw-droppingly ace, but Bala Keilman, CEO of new hardcore PC gaming rig business Commodore Gaming, believes it's only showing the tip of the ice berg where DirectX 10 gaming is concerned.

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BIadestarX4735d ago

Wow... so quiet here... what a big defference the other day when the OpenGL article.... ohh wait... directx is made by microsoft.
How could I possibly forget that... microsoft's technology article only get lots of post from fanboys... when is negative or about towels...

Rooted_Dust4735d ago

I only hope that MS get the Vista DX10 hardware and software issues ironed out before this game releases.

BIadestarX4735d ago

which issues? I hope you are not talking about... vista or directx running on non-compatible hardware... right? it's like putting a PS3 game on my PS2 and then scream! WTF! Sony sucks!
or When you buy the new OSX and try to install it to an old mac.
I purchase a new PC built for vista... I don't have any problems....
what kind of problems are you talking about? I'm I affected?

Rooted_Dust4735d ago

I'm talking about the extreamly poor Vista-Nvidia driver support and the fact that DX10 cards running DX9 on XP is still faster than running DX10 on Vista.

BIadestarX4735d ago

You are probably right.. I woudn't know... I use prefer ATI... I had too many bad experiences with Nvidea even for windows xp.

Xi4735d ago

don't blame microsoft for nvidia's horrid drivers, they've always had bad drivers.

Rooted_Dust4735d ago

DirectX 10 is Microsoft's baby...not Nvidia's.

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kewlkat0074735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

Eventually when DX10 drivers are optimized for Vista and such, I wanna buy a nice laptop or a nice rig, I'm not sure what to go with.

I think Crysis will probably push more sales of Vista machines, as well and DX10 cards. As they are saying, this is only the tip of the Iceberg, as far as graphics and such..

This is great news, wonder why nobody cares.

AuburnTiger4735d ago

Sony must have done you wrong in a past life. Also how much does MS pay you for advertising and bad mouthing competitors?

BIadestarX4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

OMG! What did I say now to promote Microsoft? Now you want me to say that I have problem on my Vista PC using ATI? ATI is not owned by Microsoft.. did you know that?
It's true... I had problem with nvidea cards... before.. and even with order ATI cards on windows XP? what do you want me to say... that I didnt? Lord... one can't say the truth around here.. unless ofcourse it has to be bad about microsoft and great microsoft competitors.
I am not the only one saying nvidea have bad drivers (Xi said the same).
You seriously have to come up with something better than that... seriously. You are insulting your own intelligence.