Microsoft announce X10 Event

The Lost Gamer writes "Microsoft has today sent out an announcement regarding X10, an upcoming Expo that is set to show off their upcoming titles and hardware for this year."

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Xi3189d ago

really hoping to see some fable 3 stuff.

green3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Some Fable 3 footage will be most welcomed.

@ Omega: If the rumor of 14 launch games for Natal is correct, then they need to start showing some of them now.Because if they wait until E3 to show all of them, then less than a handfull will stick in the minds of gamers and the rest will be most likely overlooked.

Omega43189d ago

I think MS already said Fable 3 will be shown in february so im guessing this it what they meant.

I hope they finally show at least 1 new Natal game

THE MAX SPEED 213189d ago

New Mistwalker game
N3:2 Devs new MMO
Natal Games
MS X Capcom
Fable 3 X natal
Halo Reach
Crackdown 2

All the things that might be showed there. I can't wait

Bungie3189d ago

hope they show Alan Wake

that game looks unique

Bigpappy3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I want them to shut up the critics. Show NO controller specific games and then some hybrids for the FPS group. Either way though, they will have a hell of a show because of the stellar line-up.

Show me the games M$.

Elven63189d ago

Good to see the US show make a reappearance after all these years, I'm sure they must have something to show if they wanted to bring it back after all these years, most likely to demo Natal stuff to the public I imagine.

NewZealander3189d ago

its obviously going to be an amazing year for 360, already theres a long list of must have exclusives, but if they feel the need for X10 then its only going to get better, i cant wait to see natal games in action, im sure there will be plenty of surprises.

gaffyh3189d ago

I can see a Gears of War 3 announcement happening, and Natal games being announced. Would love it is Mistwalker announced their game, but I keeping my hopes low on that one.

Other than that, maybe some demos of games that are coming soon?

markbob3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

I would not be surprised it we see a gears of war 3 announcement, since Cliffy said that there will be a "kick ass announcement" in the near future.

But there are alot of games that I want to see trailer/gameplay from.

I dont think we'll see anything from Halo: Reach other than a announcement of when the beta will start.

I think they wait till E3 to show anything from the Reach Campaign

blue7xx73189d ago

Yeah I think it will. It always has been a big event for them the last one was X06 and they announced Halo Wars, The 2 GTA DLC episodes, they also announced splinter cell conviction for the first time, RARE announced Banjo kazooie N & B and Viva Pinata, Project Gotham 4 and many more in just 06. Plus they did say they were gonna show some fable 3 footage in february so this is most likely it also Mistwalker has said they are almost done with their game that's assuming its coming to the xbox 360. So hopefully they announce more stuff that we will be able to see in the later half of this year.

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-MD-3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

Didn't Rare announce Nuts & Bolts + Viva Pinata at X06? I'm pumped.

-Rare games
-Ninety-Nine Nights 2 info
-Mistwalker game perhaps?

Would also like Natal to demo some high profile games coming for it.

PandemicPrawn03189d ago

Pretty cool to have an Xbox 360 expo.

As other here have mentioned Fable 3 footage would be great.

Some new details on Natal and Reach would be great also.

I wonder what Rare have been up to?

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