PS3 Hacker George Hotz Not Looking to Enable Piracy on PS3

Playstation Insider writes:

"Boy genius George Hotz says he's not going to personally have anything to do with allowing people to run pirated games with his new PS3 hack."

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Blaze9293240d ago

Yeha but of course, someone else is looking to do the exact opposite.

AridSpider3240d ago

i just want to be able to play my ps2 games. This development is interesting though with his saying it would allow PS2 games to be played on every PS3. So what, is there some secret hidden feature just waiting to be activated by sony? Maybe PS2 games in the PS Store coming soon?

young juice3240d ago

looks like someone was blackmailed.

SilentNegotiator3240d ago

I say 4 years and something odd months was a pretty good amount of time for not a single person to hack a mainstream device like the PS3.

ReservoirDog3163240d ago

Good intentions doesn't mean the damage isn't done.

Cool but it's gonna cost Sony a lot in video game sales eventually.

morganfell3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Cost Sony? Maybe. But it could cost him too if he is found liable for hacks that are used by others in piracy. A Sony civil suit would ruin him for life not to mention the criminal liability.

FamilyGuy3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

It would be AWESOME if FULLY customize-able, dynamic themes came from this. I know, most are interested in all the emulation and backup playing possibilities but there's so much more that could come from this.
A GOOD web browser
MKV support
FLV support
Rar/zip file navigation/support
tons of apps that could be related to many of the PS3s current and future abilities: Think of the PS Arc apps, six-axis apps, PS3Eye apps, not to mention what type of apps and homebrew could be created with the power of the PS3s hardware.

GVON3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Oh my god,i'd written an essay on his claims just now,but accidentally pressed L1 and square and wiped the lot :(

just a quick post on why the headline is bs and he's covering his arse.
quotes from his blog.

"I'm less opposed to piracy on the PS3 as I am on the iPhone. Obviously, it must not hurt the game manufacturers that bad, or they wouldn't continue to release PC versions of games. And if a modchip is required, that will eliminate a huge chunk of would be pirates. If you are willing to open up your system, learn some electronics, and solder, perhaps you deserve free games. I hate the tools who download blackra1n then ask me where their free apps are, and wish Apple had better DRM, which none of the top guys in the iPhone scene would touch."

This is the killer bit

"The real reason I'm against piracy on this blog is the DMCA and lawyers though. It's not a moral issue"

I wrote and quoted lots before I deleted my original post about the hack,how far he really is,problems and stuff regarding his claims.up until a few days ago i'd never read any security docs or anything,but (begin really cheesy moment) I'm thankful for all the posters on many forums like Neogaf,beyond 3d even comments on geohotz blog.It's a been a good read and i've learnt lots. (end cheese )

Now I shall hang myself :)

Kassanova073240d ago

That's because he doesn't have such a hack.

oohWii3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

This story has got to be fake. The PS3 is impossible to hack. Not even Sony can hack the PS3....haha

Also, people are saying Sony should put this guy on the payroll. Where there's one, there's more. I'm sure there are plenty more kids that can hack the PS3 just as this kid did. They can't employ them all, he probably hacked it to prove to the blind lemming fanboys that the PS3 could actually be hacked. Never say never fools.

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Maddens Raiders3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

"Mr. Hotz literally has Sony at his feet on whether or not he will release the hack. If he suddenly becomes a millionaire overnight we know why."

..and if we hear ""Boom...Headshot... !", after the money is transferred to a secure account we know why.

Blaze9293240d ago

rofl hahahaha hahaha bubbles up man bubbles up.

PirateThom3240d ago

I still say Sony (or another company) need to get the finger out and get this guy on the payroll.

JasonXE3240d ago

i wonder if he has a youtube vid of his hack?

KwietStorm3240d ago

A youtube video? Are you serious?

tokoshix3240d ago

Piracy will of course be utilized if this hack does release, but I'm also quite curious as to what else could be accomplished from this.

chewmystink3240d ago

"5% hardware and 95% software" for the hack
I'm liking the sounds of this.

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