PSN Maintenance Shuts Down Gaming From 12-3am on MAG Release

Plan on standing in line for MAG at midnight? Don't bother. Besides recent reports that reviews are being withheld, the SonyPlayStation twitter feed just announced that PSN will be down for maintenance from 12-3am pacific standard time. Guess we're all better off buying it tomorrow...or maybe after some reviews tell us whether it's good or not.

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Maddens Raiders3241d ago

what tools wait on reviews to dictate their game purchases? Either you want it, or not. >_>

Chubear3241d ago

wait a minute,... someone is crying about 10 bloody minutes?... really? Oh, how the world is over, I can't get on PSN for 10 WHOLE minutes!! oh woe is me :( lol

Echo3073241d ago

Do we know for sure the entire PSN will be down? Many times in the past the network has been supposedly 'down for maintenance' but getting on playing during the time they alloted worked just fine. Sometimes only parts of the PSN aren't functioning when they do maintenance.

Unfortunatley, they don't always tell us which ones.

darthv723241d ago

was MAG really a midnight madness worthy game?

Personally I give it an 8 but nothing to stand in lines for. It will be fun to play none the less.

castags3241d ago Show
captain-obvious3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

only fanboys and trolls well make a big deal out of this

OMG 10 mins


Chubear3241d ago

Servers are now up & live MAG soldiers. Get to your posts asap!, The shadow war has begun! lol

Echo3073241d ago

It might not be midnight worthy to you, but to a lot of people, it just might be. I'm sure there will be plenty of gamers picking this up at midnight.

captain-obvious3241d ago

MAG servers are up and a live PPL
i'll see you on the battle field

Digitaldude3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

Lol 10mins. This newsworthy?

Christopher3241d ago

Yeah, not seeing an issue here. 12-3 am PST on a Tuesday is perfect time for performing such service and I highly doubt a ton of people are going to hate being unable to play online at those hours.

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tdrules3241d ago

one step forward and two steps back eh

Guido3240d ago

It took you longer to come up with that silly post than it did for Sony to bring the PSN up...

Hellsvacancy3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

I roll around the floor all the time known 2 myself that the PSN is FREE while u suckers pay 4 £££'s 2-play each month (or yearly wot-ever your preference)

So yeah ROFL PSN

3241d ago
Saaking3241d ago

You do know XBL has also gone down many times right. And you pay for THAT. PSN is free.

Chubear3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

ROFL paying for leasing your console after paying an extra $250 for online gaming every gen.

Don't understand the 360 fanbase. How the hell you justify not being able to access half the content on the disc you paid for.. 'till you pay MS an addition fee? That's insanity but hey, MS love you guys for a reason though :D

... but you laugh at gamers playing for free with maintained dedicated servers. Wow, MS has you guys like fools lol

playstation1233241d ago

IMAO XBL P2P Lags, This is the money you could be saving by switching to psn.

ZombieRollz3241d ago

Guys, if you stop feeding the troll, the troll will disappear because he won't have your attention. I know he has no games to play and all with the exception of Mass Effect 2, but I don't think trolls can get jobs because of how fat and retarded they are.

Don't reply, and he'll die.

awesomeperson3241d ago

Bungie is the most pathetic troll here. He goes all fanboyey in the Open zone then in the Gamer zone he's like "yeah MAG will be good and PSN is also good" and just compliments everything to try get his bubbles back.

Too bad people don't fall for it anymore :)

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Delta3241d ago

W/E i guess ill just be waiting in line for Mass Effect 2. Either way i win. (ill also be picking MAG)

MysticStrummer3241d ago

Most people won't have it at midnight anyway, and Sony wants the network to be as smooth as possible tomorrow when most players will log on. I'll go grab it so it will be ready to play when I wake up.

DarkTower8053241d ago

Then just whose fault do you suppose it is? The Tooth Fairy? Sony should have done maintenance today, not on the day of a huge release. Come on, it's a no-brainer.

I love Sony just as much as the next guy, but don't defend retarded decisions.

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