IGN: Risen Impressions

Piranha Bytes' Risen isn't entirely new at this point. Folks in Europe may have already played the Xbox 360 version, and any interested have likely picked up the PC version that was made available last fall, which IGN has already reviewed. For North American gamers, the wait for the Xbox 360 version is a little longer because the title is scheduled to be released at the end of February 2010. It's said to be an improved version over the one already available in European territories, and they had a chance to check it out briefly to get a sense of how it was running and how it controlled. The initial verdict? It looked pretty good.

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rrquinta3403d ago

Good to see that the delay has perhaps created an improved game, as I had heard horrendous things about the 360 version from European gamers.

Chris3993403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

There are plenty of other 360 RPGs this year to get excited about - ME: 2, Dragon Age Awakenings, NNN3, Mistwalker's game.

Worst $40 I've ever spent; and I've bought a Onechanbara on the Wii. Btw I played the PC version, with all the patches and graphical bells and whistles.

The game was a complete turd. Average on every level.

P.S. Far as RPGs go, Magna Carta 2 (which I've been playing bouts of lately) is more entertaining than you may have heard. Sorta cliche story, but the battle-system and game-play are very refined. It's like an offline MMO.

VladimirK3403d ago

I actually think this game got some unfair write-ups.

Personally I really enjoyed it.
I do think it's like Marmite though, some folk will hate it, others will love it.
ie, If you are really into WRPGs then you might like it, if you aren't, then you might not.