Take 2 refuses to clarify $50 million GTA IV deal

Take 2 has refused to clarify comments from chief financial officer Laine Goldstein that suggest the publisher received USD 50 million (EUR 37.3m / GBP 25.2m) from Microsoft for exclusive GTA IV episodic content.

During a recent conference call Goldstein stated that the struggling publisher has secured the advance sum, although Microsoft was not mentioned specifically.

"The first 25 is for the episodic content package that's supposed to go out and that is in March of '08," revealed Goldstein.

"The second 25 will be for the second episodic, the episode, and that will be after in fiscal '08."

When contacted by, Grand Theft Auto label Rockstar declined to comment further on any details of the deal.

Although due for release on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, it is only recently that publisher Take 2 has clarified that additional episodic content for GTA IV will appear exclusively for Microsoft's home console.

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clownfacemcgee4735d ago

How lame. Whatever, I can never even finish most of the GTA's. In GTA:SA, I got to a glitched mission that neither me or my friend could beat, because you were supposed to get the truck and back it up to save him, but when I tried he just jumped right at the start, and you didn't have literally 1 second to do it, anyways, it's fun to just fool around, because that's what sandbox is about to me. And online. Finally about time we get online in GTA.

calderra4735d ago

It's been revealed by other sources that there was no deal, and PS3 will be getting the content, but they'll get it later. True sensationalism.

Balance4735d ago

i haven't heard that, do you have a link to the source you are talking about?

BIadestarX4735d ago

Ofcourse he does not have a link... Unless ofcourse they already invented a transcriber that can support ass transcription.

Too bad this guy is not that smart to be able to tell that no company would pay $50 Mil for something that the competitors would get.

UrbanJabroni4735d ago

I have nothing else to say.

PS360WII4735d ago

Well really guys. Would you expect all companies to talk about closed door meetings about what particulars happened for them to get 50 million dollars richer? Yea me neither

Bloodmask4735d ago

to understand about this. PS3 won't have any downloadable content and 360 will. Money talks and Microsoft paid for the content. All the fanboys get their panties in a bunch.

This is no different than what Sony did last generation with it's exclusives. For multiple PS2 games.

And of course Rockstar won't confirm anything bc they want both versions to sell well. If Sony was so concerned about it they could have done the exact same thing. If anything Microsoft saved Rockstar from bankruptcy.

BubblesDAVERAGE4735d ago

They never say ps3 will get content...just 360 will have exclusive content...rockstar loves sony so don't doubt it, yet its not annoced i remember them saying it also:however, its not annouced so either way dont be supprised.

jolshwar4735d ago

Thats a really good point. The best selling game on the SONY PSP to date is GTA:Liberty City Stories, both companies benefited imnensley so even if there is no evidence and educated guess is that both companies are on good terms.

Silver3604735d ago

But remember TakeTwo has a new CEO and new board. They love money the company is in bad shape. Sony will have to pony up the cash for content.And there distribution system is not as easy as MS. So it would cost TakeTwo more money to do the extra content. Always look at the money first then you can follow the business decisions

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