Naughty Dog issues statement regarding "error syncing player data" messages in Uncharted 2

Naughty Dog's Arne Meyer has issued a statement regarding the "error syncing player data" messages some players have been experiencing in Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

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travelguy2k3240d ago

Sucks for those that are affected

TheDudeAbides3240d ago

I've had it the very first time going online, after second try everything went fine

FamilyGuy3240d ago

I LOVE the multi-player in this game, I play it pretty much every night and recently got a message that my NAT type was incorrect for playing online (I had been [email protected] with my router). It said that the NAT Type needs to be 1,2, or 3 and at that time mine was "unknown" but all I had to do was a connection test to fix the issue. I feel bad for anyone who can't play this online, it's still fun and addictive.

pimpmaster3240d ago

anyone still playing this game online? the gernades are so unbalanced it breaks the game.

cervantes993240d ago

I play every night.

I agree with you though that grenades and some hit detection issues need to be fixed.

When getting shot and you turn into a building away from any line of sight and you are still getting hit with bullets - WTF.

Even with these things considered - I love the multiplayer in this game.

xabmol3240d ago

If someone is lagging it seems like their nades have twice the range. Very annoying. And getting shot behind walls is lag too.

I hate playing with foreigners. The ping is too high and causes that stupid BS. Those laggy pull-downs have to be the worst. Makes me wanna punch my TV at times.

ND needs to add a region matchmaking feature to cut out that lag. Every time I see those Eye of Endora skins from Europe I say, "Oh, yay!! LAG!" >.<

Still love that game though. LVL 51 :)

cervantes993240d ago

Level 46 - will be at level 47 tonight.

Have you ever earned the "Five Not Alive" medal?

I also hope region matchmaking makes into the game soon.

PSN: Cervantes99

TheDudeAbides3240d ago

There is lag problem or something. Many times I threw a granade at someone, it somehow happend to explode right next to my feet nad kill me. That's annoying.

FamilyGuy3240d ago

Level 58 currently

I like everything about this game but I think a few boosters are over powered. "Down the Irons" is one of them. Down the irons turns your AK into an M4 and an M4 into a long range shot gun, It's ridiculous.

As far as grenades are concerned I don't think it breaks the game at all. You just gotta know about them. Don't cluster up with your teammates because a well tossed grenade will take you all out and it's like that because they set it up that way. Grenades tossed at groups slow the group down so they all end up blasted. Grenades also have a slight homing aspect to them, like the games knows your intention for the grenade if it's aimed in a general vicinity alone.

Getting shot from around corners is definitely a lag/latency issue.

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Mantiz3240d ago (Edited 3240d ago )

Grenades can be a bit wonky because of damage and radius however hit detection is spot on for me, if your still getting hit after getting behind something that's called lag, you are just then getting hit by bullets that actually should have hit you before you were behind cover. It's an issues with your Latency.

cervantes993240d ago

That makes perfect sense.

My wireless router is starting to have issues which would explain my hit detection issue.

Time to upgrade anyway.