5 Things That Suck About Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 is a great game, as we discussed earlier today. But it's not perfect. In fact, it has some total sucktitude. Here are the five biggest nuisances in Mass Effect 2. And for good measure, we've included why they're not so bad!


There are a few spoilers in the article

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ReBurn3401d ago

No game is perfect. You have to take the bad with the good.

qface643401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

i saw the commercial a few times during the saints game it was kinda long i honestly didn't like that commercial
for some reason that commercial put me off the series even more i was thinking of buying the first since i saw it for 8 dollars

3401d ago
Alcon Caper3401d ago

SPOILERS! Don't read unless you want to have some plot stuff spoiled for you.

Dev8 ing3401d ago

The commercial makes the game seem like a Michael Bay production. So I can see why some wouldn't like the commercial. Personally, I thought it is one of the better commercials for a game.

WildArmed3401d ago

aye, its too late 4 me.. save yourselves.
I was like.. wtf? no.. wtf? it can't be >.>

3401d ago
qface643401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

so im lying about not liking he commercial???
ehm ok?

Montrealien3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

The thing I hate most about ME2 is the voice channels can be a little messed up. For example, you are walking around after a mission and the Ships AI is talking to you. Then as you walk by two Krogans discussing their latest bloodbath their discussion actually cuts what the AI was saying, mid sentence.

besides that, the game is amazing.

edit: lol, to funny, they updated it as a sixth thing that sucks about ME2.

Maddens Raiders3401d ago

I saw the long commercial during the game as well and one thing I noticed was that some of the facial movements on the humanoid characters (in particular the black guy in black battle regalia and the white chick in spandex) didn't match up to what was being voiced. Minor gripes but I saw them indeed & this was an advertisement. Again given what MW2 has managed to muster from the "reviewers" I believe ME2 should rec'v no less than 11/11.

Tony P3401d ago


I hate how people are so shameless with spoilers when the thing ISN'T OFFICIALLY OUT YET. That's like a critic saying "Yeah I like the part where the guy dies at the end of the movie."

It's goddamn shameless, man. Kinda sick of having to close off my entire world just to avoid some d*ck spoiling a story I care about.

mercenarie3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Considering you can't visit the citadel of Mass Effect 1 and that you won't be seeing civilians on any of the important save the colony side quests.. it makes the game feel less... life like compared to the first, and wow.. a geth squad mate.. how lame lol

Sub4Dis3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

you have to manage ammo (sorta), the game is kinda easy on normal, and there are some minor story telling flaws? wow....what ever will we do?

EDIT: why are ppl getting mad about the spoilers and other people are warning about spoilers? it says very clearly at the top of the article that there are spoilers.

FACTUAL evidence3401d ago

People think, a game will never be perfect, it can only make up on the flaws it had last go round.

otherZinc3401d ago

People can hate all they want, this article is stupid & I cant wait for 12am January 26.

UltimaEnder3401d ago

WOW someone is trying to gain hits; what a dumb site....please ignore.....

Bigpappy3401d ago

I wish I could use stronger language on N4G to express how I feel about this fool posting this Sh!t just to prove he played it before the rest of us. The things he are using as complains come across as searching for something to fill the blanks.

blind-reaper3401d ago

It sucks that I dont have a 360 to play it
It sucks that I dont have a decent PC to play it
It sucks to be me


Saaking3401d ago

I wonder why they didn't keep the original characters. The new ones just don't seem as good.


Vagrant Story came pretty close to being a perfect game.
But I do agree with you.

ChrisW3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

Being more than half way through the game, I've got to say that these complaints aren't even close to a game breaker.

1. Ammo? Yeah, so? What really good RPG/FPS doesn't make you look for more ammo? And it adds to the difficulty. You have to be more conservative.

2.The secretary? Aside form telling me to talk to the Illusive Man AFTER I've already left the conference room being annoying, I've got no problem with her. And I'm thinking that there's a way to be romantic with her (BTW, I'm playing as female Shepard).

3. Normal is... somewhat easy. So, Veteran is at about my level. But how is that a complaint anyway? Heck, you can even change the difficulty while playing a level!!! You can change it anytime you want!!!

4. No characters that stand out? They all have interesting stories... Some better than others, but what I care more about is how well they work and kill in the battlefield. And I didn't really find Wrex all that engaging in ME1, he was just good to have on the battlefield when you need brute strength.

5. Eh... sure. I liked how ME1 just gave you the characters. But in truth, you don't need all of them (I think). I need 3 more, but I've already been given the location of the derelict so I can safely navigate the Omega 4 relay. Regardless, I'm a completionist, so I will find them all and do all of the side missions.

6. Other conversations stopping your conversation? Yeah, this one sucks! Not a game breaker though. Just stand still until EDI or your teammates are done talking. It's not that difficult!

mega BIG time3400d ago

is it bad that the reason i don't play the game is because of that fat head lizard man lookin like a total goober?

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blitz06233401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I hate articles which nitpick good games like this. Always trying to find the wrongs instead of enjoying the rights. At least they included why they're not so bad and not just bash the game.

Christopher3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

I dislike nitpicks as well, but for a game like this they're oftentimes needed. Like GTA4 and similar games that score extremely well, we need someone to come out and say what the issues there are so that we don't go in all rosy-eyed thinking it's the best thing since sliced ciabata bread.

All of the items he mentioned have been briefly mentioned in most of the reviews I've read, especially the part about the overall story being fairly bland while the individual character stories shining.

One item of contention, though: I was under the impression that it was possible to finish the game with all of your characters alive...

3401d ago
tdrules3401d ago

its your fault for killing Wrex nub

jamezrp3401d ago

What makes you think Wrex is playable?

tdrules3401d ago

what makes you think anyone other than Shephard is playable?

damnightmare3401d ago

You are missing a character and he certainly does "stand out"

I'm surprised you didn't talk about the mindless boring mining of planets. That was one of the only problems I had with the game lol

jamezrp3401d ago

If I put that last character in, there would be huge spoilers. In this, nothing is really spoiled that hasn't been put all over the internet already.

And yes, I think Mass Effect 2 is awesome. I just want to make sure game developers keep a high standard, and these crappy parts need to go. Or at least be discussed. I don't know if I'm happy with ammo or not, for instance. But why the hell can't I get my messages instantly?

damnightmare3401d ago


I'd say all the minuscule "problems" in the game are nothing compared to the overall experience it presents

Christopher3401d ago

That's not Urdnot Wrex in the line-up... At least that's based on the tons of videos showing who it is.

jamezrp3401d ago

Exactly. The experience is the most important part, and hell, I enjoyed Mass Effect 2 a ton. But like everyone else, I want to play the "perfect game". Someday it'll happen, and it's our job as consumers and critics to help fix the problems with today's games so that tomorrow's will be better.

ChrisW3401d ago (Edited 3401d ago )

And Wrex, himself, isn't in the game... SO FAR. Only references to him.

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ClownBelt3401d ago

That picture of the secretary looks awful.

GamerPS3603401d ago

5 things suck and 200 things Rock.