White Knight Chronicles International Edition Requires HDD Install

"Today is the day I've been waiting for as White Knight Chronicles International Edition finally arrived in front of my doorstep. One of the first things I noticed as soon I plugged in the game is that it requires a HDD install..." - Just Push Start

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Pennywise3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

OMG, what are we to do? Sony should have included a HDD in all PS3's... HMMM.

vhero3403d ago

indeed and of course it will require it considering it comes with all the Japanese DLC which was made to run off HDD anyways. Not to mention town building will run much smoother off a HDD rather than disc.

WildArmed3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

So the japanese version doesn't have HDD install?'
I guess they just dumped the install files for all the DLC and patch on it so you won't have to download it.

THat's not too bad.
Can't wait for this to arrive.. why the hell isn't it here yet!?


ah then why is this news? xD If the jap version had an install, ofc the US version does too.
(well I didn't know that so i guess it is a valid article =p )

callahan093403d ago

Yeah, not to mention that the Japanese version has an install, too. Wouldn't have made any sense for the NA version not to have one.

Sev3403d ago

@ Pennywise,

Great comment. I was going to write an article about this today myself since I just got my copy today as well.

However I decided against it because at this point HDD installs are common, especially for large games with open worlds.

The game barely ever loads thanks to the HDD install, if anything PS3 owners should be happy about the installs.

callahan093403d ago

It's stuff like this that REALLY confuses me about N4G. I own the Japanese version, and it most definitely has an install, and therefore it only makes sense that the U.S. version would have one, too. It's not like they're changing the entire game from the ground up so that it can now run without an installation. How the hell did I get a disagree for saying that before? An entirely, 100% factual comment and I get disagrees. Happens a lot around here, unfortunately.

siliticx3403d ago

my 99$ 500 gb hard drive will be a bit more full ;(

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Myst3403d ago

Hmm, five minutes huh. Enough time to use the bathroom, and get snacks with a few minutes to spare for flipping through channels.

WildArmed3403d ago

Well thats enough time to thank God that dreams do come true and thank him for the awesome game that he has sent to us..

or just play Numa Numa and do the Numa Numa dance O_O
then take a break with bud-light.. and BAM there it is.

Myst3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

No, just no to the numa numa dance, I have to much respect for myself even if no one is watching lol.

Could take that time to get pizza though what's a game without pizza!

thought it was the video with a kid flailing around, I may watch a YTP or something instead though.

WildArmed3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

hmm pizza does sound good..
But pizza's never good w/o breadsticks/cheesesticks lol

Oh and yes, I would never do the kid's Numa Numa either o_O
But it's hella fun to watch how much a man can entertain himself lol

Raoh3403d ago

not a big deal, but that's a shame, i was almost sure the installs were almost over, haven't installed a game in a long time

Dev8 ing3403d ago

I pretty much expect it from playing so many PC games. Not that I mind it gives me time to prepare for the ensuing gaming marathon.

OmarJA-N4G3403d ago

Meh my 500GB HDD is crying out for installations & contents i got like 350GB HDD free space, can't complain over here. :)

aftrdark213403d ago

I got about 370Gb free left on mine. Day One Purchase for me.

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