Gamespot: Starting Block: Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Ryan Mac Donald gives you the lowdown on how to dominate Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 utilizing perks and what weapons to have equipped.

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-Alpha3190d ago

It really, really isn't that hard and now that the game is more casual than ever I see no reason to make a starter video.

Now CoD4, that was something that took a fair bit of skill minus the nade spam, but MW2 is ridiculously easy.

I think the big problem with the game is that it turns everybody into killing gods. The streaks, the perks-- especially stopping power and the running classes, the attachments, etc.

Everything is very advantageous without actually having some sort of counter balance.

This is especially the case with stopping power and no juggernaut. Why not just take both out if your only going to make the game lopsided and use one?

Blasphemy3190d ago

I actually don't like MW2 at all. I played it for the first week and have not picked it up since. Playing Dead Space now and I am loving it.

KAEM73189d ago

It's an easy way to get some kills in, for sure, but that could just as well be called the camper pro perk combo, and that tactic becomes (a bit) less usefull in objective based modes.