DualShockers: Divinity II - Ego Draconis Review

DualShockers writes: "Divinity II is an enigma to me. It has great potential and is a moderately enjoyable adventure through yet another dark fantasy world. It tantalizes you with nice little touches that bring vivacity to the character models, yet somehow manages to lack polish and finesse, the things that really connect the players with the characters they control. It draws you into an engaging story, but at the same time manages to alienate the player. It's a game of contrasts in almost every way - in-game mechanics, plot points and technical proficiencies (or lack thereof)."

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Tomarcus3240d ago

Its a shame developers still haven't been able to provide a decent auto save function, for western RPGs that is.

taz80803240d ago

Saving sounds like a stupid feature but it can make or break certain games. Hours of work can be lost and make things very frustrating.

AzarVC3240d ago

...Where was Divinity I?

iiprotocolii3240d ago

In the midst of the subconscious. I played it. It was ok. I was hoping this one was going to be uber awesome. However, that wasn't the case.

jerethdagryphon3239d ago

divine divinity. was the first beyond divinity the prequal to that and ego draconis is divinity 2

Its a divinity game, you either like em or hate em, i for one am enjoying my first full 3d romp in rivellon.

tech issues asside its a fun and enjoyable game

JoelT3240d ago

I want to know how this game made it past QA and testing all the while being plagued with so many issues. It boggles the mind really.

IG_DARKSA1NT3240d ago

Yeah, way too many issues!