Capcom: 'If you make a good game, people will buy it'

Destructoid writes: A lot of publishers have been having trouble figuring out how to make more money off their Wii games. We've heard from some folks at Capcom say that "hardcore" gamers have moved on from the Wii, or that there was never an consistent audience for "good" games on the console to begin with. Keep in mind, the people making these statements generally don't make videogames; they just publish them. They're the guys who hire the artists and designers to create games; the money men who are generally more concerned with tracking trends and chasing demographics than actually making anything.

Ask an actual developer at Capcom what he thinks of the situation, and you'll get a different answer. When I asked Ryota Niistuma (producer of multiple Wii games for Capcom) about the process of designing a game for the Wii, his answer was simple. First, he tries to think of a good idea for a game. Then, if it looks like it's going to be a Wii title, then he tries to think of ways to use the Wii's unique features to the game's advantage.

Crazy, right? Why does he go about it this way? Why doesn't he start from the ground up with tons of specific gimmicks and tricks?

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beavis4play3187d ago

and it's exactly why i have NOT bought any of capcoms games this gen.........just haven't been very impressed.

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WildArmed3186d ago

nice job on that beavhead.

Had a good laugh on that.
+bubs to both your accounts ;)

RememberThe3573187d ago

Where did Capcom go wrong there?

ActionBastard3187d ago

By killing the dev studio behind it...Clover.

Godmars2903186d ago

That was years after the fact I believe. Had nothing to do with marketing, of which I believe there was none. None of worth anyway.

rrquinta3187d ago

I'd like to believe the quote in the title is true, but despite the quality of games like Okami, Little King's Story, and Dead Space: Extraction (as examples), they just didn't sell well...

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