Bad Company 2: Seven minutes pure gameplay

Videogameszone published a brand new vid of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, that shows seven minutes of pure singleplayer gameplay.

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Fishy Fingers3403d ago

Look's brilliant. I'm sure it won't look quite so clean stretched over 50" but still, a marked improvement over the original. Roll on release day.

-Alpha3403d ago

I don't want to ruin it but I need to feed my BC2 hunger! Argh!

Fishy Fingers3403d ago

It just lot's of cuts from different locations, nothing that would spoil the story or anything. Some chopper stuff that you might not of seen, but no, I wouldnt say spoilers.

Dutch Boogie3403d ago

hmm...anyone else notice the frequent screen tearing and lack of textures? i really hope they polish this game further. it is looking fantastic so far.

Sarcasm3403d ago

It's a shame the game has so much aliasing though on the console versions. I wouldn't mind a few lower res textures for 2x AA. Otherwise, the lighting, colors, contrast and overall look is excellent. Definitely picking this one up.

Christopher3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Very very very well done environments. Combined with destructible environments, they definitely did a masterful job in regards to to this type of gameplay element.

This is exactly the type of thing I was looking for when I looked at the Halo: Reach screenshots. While I don't expect the same environments as BC2 due to the different setting/locations, I was really hoping Bungie would take some time to add some environment detail and not just up the quality of textures used on buildings/objects. Especially considering the use of such an environment for added gunplay gameplay elements.

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HighRatedTroll3403d ago

time to drop modern gayfare 2 for a real shooter, bigger maps, more balance, better graphics, destructible environments, vehicles and best of all no killstreaks yay! AC-130 in the air wtf!

rawrockkillz3403d ago

That looks awesome. That jungle level just looks amazing!

snowb4203403d ago

I wonder if that attachment on the XM8 is custom or, if you can just find random weapons with attachments and what not on them? That would be pretty cool if they let you customize weapons in single-player too.

Mottsy3403d ago

Hurry the hell up and RELEASE! course i guess polishing up is better then a pre release like some other games i wont mention............ but shizzit! need a new decent fps!

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The story is too old to be commented.