Leaked Reach Screen Proves Use of Natal?

CC: It has been rumoured that Halo: Reach could be Natal-enabled when it's released towards the end of the year. And looking at a leaked, in-game screenshot which emerged online today, we think it might just prove that the game utilizes Microsoft's new craze (in the office at least).

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Jamegohanssj53403d ago

That'll do pig. That'll do.


blue7xx73403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Not really it looks in the middle to me it's probably just the recoil. Plus if you notice in the first 2 pictures he shows he is not shooting so of course they look centered and in the third its obvious the gun is being shot so of course its not centered its the recoil. Its a pretty deceiving article. Why doesn't he show pictures of guns being used in Halo 3 and ODST to see if they don't do the same I'm sure they will.

Edit: Ok he actually changed the pictures to ones that are being shot since I called him out on it plus its not done so I'm sure they still have work to do with making the controllers sharper. But still show the assault rifle instead since that is the gun you are showcasing you should do the same with both Halo 3 and ODST pictures if you want fair comparison since all guns work differently. Plus like some guy said if this were to use Natal then why would they release a beta in the spring when Natal obviously wont be ready by then I don't see that working. Unless MS plans to ship natal for all the beta testers I don't see it working they already said it was gonna use a controller.

ubiquitious3403d ago

Next generation.

Coming this fall.

gaffyh3403d ago

Maybe they have some of that eye tracking stuff, which is used for paralyzed people so they can speak through the computer? Would be pretty cool, but it would make the game very easy, because you would basically look at the enemy and be able to shoot with the controller.

I'm guessing this will be optional though, doubt they will make it mandatory.

LtSkittles3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )


I believe they said you would still be able to use a controller with natal.

@ siyrobbo

Nah, they expect you to have a time machine, and natal when the beta starts.

siyrobbo3403d ago

You'd better be able to use a controller, otherwise theirs going to be uproar when the beta comes out 6 months before natal......

ZombieNinjaPanda3403d ago

The red box is the reticule..?
It looks like they just copy and pasted that in there.

mjolliffe3403d ago

In the first screen he's shooting...

bioshock12213403d ago

Ok bungie already said this "The crosshair is off center because there was a bug with our screenshot code in film playback back then." So there you have it if you want proof just scroll down there is a picture of it. Of course its not done so this is pre alpha build so don't' expect everything to be done they already said they will use a controller.

Deputydon3403d ago

Halo has recoil? Since when?

blue7xx73403d ago

@Deputydon I know it doesn't but maybe they are adding it to Halo Reach. But never mind its been solved as to why the gun is like that apparently it was a bug according to Bungie.

FragMnTagM3403d ago

I can think of an awesome use for Natal on Halo: Reach.


If they can manage to make as accurate as Wii Motion Plus or better, I think it would be an awesome way to turn and set the Forge pieces. Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that would be awesome a la Minority Report.

Christopher3403d ago

Man... it'd be almost impossible to super-impose a red square over top of an existing screenshot... impossible...

Sorry, the cynic in me gets out every once in a while. I'll hold off on any excitement or other emotion about Natal being used for an FPS until Microsoft announces it and shows us a video of it in use.

Theonik3403d ago

Just felt this video is at hand. :P

Wrathman3403d ago


you just sold me a natal and halo.that vid is halrious.i laughed my ass off

SixZeroFour3403d ago

its not the red square thats they are talking about, THEY DID THAT, its what the red squared is outlining which is a faint red reticule inside the red square...they did the red square to show what they are talking about

@1.10 - halo had very little recoil, but it did have it, and it was even more apparent with the odst pistol in ODST

randomwiz3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Seeing as how Microsoft has not mass produced natal yet, I don't see how its possible that its being used at the time that the screenshot was taken.

But i don't doubt that there will be some kind of use of Natal in Reach

The Happy Baby3402d ago

FAKE AND GAY. <-props if you get the reference, lol.

3402d ago
Alvadr3402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

Tell me.. How does F!!! an off center redsquare prove this game supports Natal. OMG!! The gun isnt even pointing in that direction ,it could be absolulty anything! Are the readers of that site so DUMB?

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solidt123402d ago (Edited 3402d ago )

I can draw a red square on a screen shot too

mjolliffe3403d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if it does use Natal. Just hope (and no doubt) that it isn't compulsory...

LtSkittles3403d ago

Well, if it does use Natal it will be interesting to see, and both are expected for a fall release right?

IaMs123403d ago

It would be a cool addition if it was Natal compatible indeed. This will also prove that Natal can be used on Next-gen games. Depends on how it works tho

GameOn3403d ago

looks like it points to the middle to me.

mjolliffe3403d ago

How? The (faint) red aiming cursor on the left of the screen? That's it..

GameOn3403d ago (Edited 3403d ago )

Just looks like the angle of the gun points towards the centre of the screen.

I'm not saying this game wont use natal. I'm just pointing out that the red box doesn't seem to be where the gun is pointing which is what this article seems to be saying.

PirateThom3403d ago

The gun points to the middle while the cross hairs are on the left...

If it's not Natal, it could, possibly, be movement lag, the cross hairs move while the body turns to follow it when firing or a mistake.

movements3403d ago

Time will tell... It would be something else...