Current U.S. Best Sellers

Nintendo dominates this week's overall best sellers list taking nine out of the top ten places. Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek takes No7 in the overall charts and remain top of the PC top ten for the third week.

Follow the link to see top ten lists for all of the major platforms.

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devi8i4735d ago

Anyone else notice the top 10 lineup for PC's? Will shooters ever again dominate on PCs or has the cost:performance ratio finally put the final nail in the coffin? How many people will be buying Vista, a new video card that is the same price as a PS3 and possibly more ram just to play one or two games? Combine that with an XBL account for your PC and gaming on anything other than a console just does not make fiscal sense. You can buy a nice HDTV for less money then most people would have to spend to get their PC up to snuff to play Crysis