No Save Points: The Many Deaths of Demon's Souls

Death happens. In Demon's Souls death happens more often. Join No Save Points in exploring some of the more memorable demises experienced in the game.

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WildArmed3404d ago

Great read.
Reminded me of my first playthrough... oh boy that wasn't a pretty sight

-Alpha3404d ago

I hate that freak. What's worse is that there are TWO of them and they keep knocking me off the edge!!

Anyways, yes, this was HILARIOUS. Love this game, it's my GOTY 2009

himdeel3404d ago

I'm playing through my second game and realized that I need to level up more before I can beat some bosses. Thankfully I have friends around my level that have been able to help. So far on my second play through I've only had to get help with the False King.

I was telling a friend about how much I enjoyed Demons Souls so he went out and bought it. I'd see him playing for about 20 minutes and then he'd log out.

I messaged him and asked him what he thought he replied, "Either I really suck or this game is really hard because I keep dying." I asked him where he was dying and he replied, "The red eyed knight keeps killing me." I asked him if he'd leveled up any he said, "No."

I explained that even though the game gives a lot of latitude with respect to where you can travel based on tendency, just because you can go there doesn't mean you should be there. This game isn't for everyone and I know several people on my flist that couldn't handle the game, it really is a pleasure once you beat a major demon and see the words, "You have been revived" in capital letters flash across your screen.


aftrdark213404d ago

Those things suck big time.

DaTruth3403d ago

You can tell he doesn't really know how to play the game! The suiciders know what they are doing. For some things you have to suicide 7 times in a row!

WildArmed3403d ago

Aye, but considering it was his first playthrough I'll give him some leeway.
Honestly, I didn't quite grasp the concept of world tendencies till my NG+. and why you definitely want to goto pure black xD

Thinking of picking up some more Colorless Demons Souls on my NG+7 o_O

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ClownBelt3404d ago

That was actually really funny...

halo4fan3404d ago

This game destroys my life.

WildArmed3404d ago

I bet it destroyed alot of peepz lives.

Remember the angry reviews and pre-reviews that were released complaining: I won't review the game coz i can't finish it.
or this game sucks bcoz i couldn't finish it xD

Gah.. good times

boogeyman9993404d ago

There are games that hurt, and then there are Demon's Souls. God.

Perkel3404d ago

and people were complaining about NG :) love the game

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