Immersion and Sony settling made MS angry

Microsoft has filed a lawsuit against rumble company Immersion for not living up to parts of it deal.

Immersion sued Microsoft and Sony in 2002 but Microsoft settled in 2003. That's the main reason why 360's pad rumbles and PS3's doesn't. It cost Microsoft $26 million for licensing rights and they even ended up with a stake in the rumble company. Microsoft has now said that Immersion hasn't lived up "other terms of that deal".

"We entered into a binding licensing agreement with Immersion and are seeking to have that agreement honored," Microsoft Associate General Counsel Steve Aeschbacher said in a statement. "Microsoft licenses technology both in and out and relies on these agreements to be honored and enforced. Our request to the court is that all companies and industry partners should play by the same rules and that the binding agreement we signed with Immersion be honored."

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bilal4797d ago

it wouldnt most likely effect ps3's rumble...because sony would be paying i full..its only that immersion and microsoft would be fighting like dogs over who get how much of it

MastaGT4797d ago

Actually It would affect Ps3's rumble. Since they've come to a breech agreement...the worst for sony could be they end up sharing their sales with immersion and microsoft in a 2 way thing. And rumble for sony fans could be dramatically delayed or cancelled.

anh_duong4797d ago

actually sony already signed a deal with immersion - if there is a breach of contract by immersion (since ms is suing them) then immersion will pay and not sony

TheMART4797d ago

Uh oh, still no rumble for the PS3. Nice thing from MS, first give Sony/PS3 fans renewed hope on rumble and then BAM hit with the hammer again!

airjordan94797d ago

what are you talking about?? of course the ps3 will rumble again. and following that, the downfall of xbox360. what i find funny is, why does microsoft copy all the innovations of the ps3???they are even paying millions just to have the games of the playstation?i feel that they are lacking in creativity here. and you TheMart seem to be a puppet of their madness. please stop with your useless comments man. you do not contribute intellectually rather you corrupt peoples minds. don't you have anything good to say man?didn't your parents teach you to respect other peoples opinions? ohhh maybe your parents do not care about you and let you do whatever you want.your username shouldn't be TheMart then. It should be TheBrat.

anh_duong4797d ago (Edited 4797d ago )

sometimes you can be quite dumb (see phantomelee below for the explanation). if immersion is in breach of contract then the fines on immersion would be substantial benefiting no one.

themart, a gamer who has more pleasure depriving other people of enjoying their own systems then he does playing his own system. sad twat.

etownone4797d ago

i actually liked your comment. Its a console war, and these forums are for the fans. This is another blow for sony if they can delay the rumble. so all the little sony fanboys can get upset but just as M$ bought exclusive episodic content to GTA4, now this is another slap in the face for sony fans. If this keeps up, next generation everyone will know to go with M$. Cause money talks, bullsh*t walks.

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Phantom_Lee4797d ago

Immersion is screwed...
if they decide to go against agreement with Sony, Sony will sue them....
and if they keep on going with it...well...MS is suing them...

so they get sue both how they sue both first.....What goes around comes around~

ITR4797d ago (Edited 4797d ago )

MS has a stake in the it does have a say in who gets rumble and who doesn't.
I could see Immersion getting sued by both but I could also see Sony getting sued by MS since MS will want to protect it's stake in the Immersion company.

Given MS owns portions of Immersion already...I figure MS is going for a possible hostile take over.

Shadow Flare4797d ago

This picture sums up Microsoft's business practices

nobizlikesnowbiz4797d ago

Your saying that Japanese business practices are no different? The Japanese market is one of the most ruthless in the world.

sajj3164797d ago

What kind of clause is this? If Immersion owns the technology, why would it pay Microsoft $$$ if Immersion ever reaches an agreement with Sony? How much of a stake does Microsoft have with Immersion?

So is this how the story goes. Microsoft and Sony steals Immersion technology. Immersion sues. Microsoft settles + pay out to an amount that additionaly buys a stake in Immersion. Immersion and Sony settle, and Microsoft sues Immersion for money owed. They, Microsoft, are desperate for cash or really do not want Sony to include rumble in their controllers.

Bathyj4797d ago

They just flat out dont want Sony to have rumble even thou they made it a standard feature along with analouge control. (I never said they invented it, or even did it first, so keep your pantys on.)

Ever get the feeling M$ would much rather Monopolise uncontested, then actually compete and win?

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