G4TV: Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Review

The US version of TvC fields 13 playable characters from Tatsunoko Production and 13 from Capcom. The cast may not be as recognizable to American audiences, but after spending some time with the characters from Tatsunoko, it's easy to develop favorites as each character is fun and all play differently. The Tatsunoko characters from the anime Gatchaman (Battle of the Planets in the US) all look very similar, but each has a unique playing style. For example, Ken the Eagle is agile and dangerous from any range, while Joe the Condor is slow and powerful in close-quarters.

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Blaze9293187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

lol I'm saving that image.

Anywho, great score and can't wait to play it over my buddy's house. Now go out BUY the game Wii owners.


Hmm disagrees? Ok, go steal/rent/borrow the game Wii owners? Ulgh can never win on N4G ¬_¬

topdawg1223187d ago

One of the VERY few times I wish I had a Wii, damn this game looks pretty sweeet

Valencia3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Wii owners will buy this game if third party publishers remember that it's their job to advertise games like this, Wii owners can't buy a game they don't know exists....

BTW: I didn't add any of the disagrees you have on your post, just thought I'd point that out.

tunaks13187d ago

must be a really great game, Xplay usually hates the wii

AEtherbane3187d ago

or its really bad and there using reverse psycology... O.o
Either way, it looks awesome!

tunaks13187d ago

lol, xplay would do that

bigjclassic3187d ago

Ive been playing the J version since 08, only gripe is that experts will rape no0bs and then they will cry tears.

tasty tears of defeat.

BYE3187d ago

If you're an experienced Street Fighter and MvC player, this should be fast getting into...

A total beginner will have a hard time at every fighting game.

ChickeyCantor3187d ago

I wouldn't say SF, this game if way to hectic compared to SF.

asdr3wsfas3187d ago

Is there unranked?

When I suck at a fighting game I put in tekken 6 and listen to people scream at me for playing eddy. Win or lose I love it.

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