Darwinia+ launches February 10 for XBLA

Introversion Software has confirmed that Darwinia+ will be released on February 10 via the Xbox Live Arcade and will cost 1200 MS Points.

"It's been a long battle with Microsoft and their particularly high standards; in the end we are really thankful for their advice and help in completing this long and challenging game project." said a spokesperson. "We have come to think of Darwinia+ as the Director's Cut as it has surpassed our expectations of what we were originally looking to create and now looks and feels smoother than ever. As Darwinia+ is our first adventure onto a games console this also marks an extra special celebration for Introversion."

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lowcarb3187d ago

Welcome to Xbox Live. I will check out the demo.

WildArmed3187d ago

From the screenie I gather the game is like Mushroom Wars.
Pretty neat

Arnon3187d ago

This is a pretty crazy RTS-type game. The original Darwinia is on Steam. I suggest giving it a try, as there's a free demo.