Get Bad Company 2 PC Beta Codes Jan. 28

On Jan. 28 on the Battlefield Bad Company 2 blog, gamers will have the opportunity to score beta keys for the PC version from their blog and from EA's Twitter.

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tdrules3185d ago

gah why do people approve copy and paste jobs...

Pandamobile3185d ago

Came in here expecting public keys for my friends.

Instead find news we've known for like two weeks.

Devildoll3185d ago

the part about ea's blog/twitter giving away keys was new to me alteast.

BattleAxe3185d ago

Too bad you don't have a PS3, because you could have played the beta quite some time ago...

bozebo3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

what are you on battleaxe.

Betas exist to check technical things. Go flame some xbox fanboys we don't want you here.

ryuzu3184d ago

My Key turned up today - just can't download the client :/

I quite liked the PS3 beta - I hope this one at least offers a different map (or even better maps) but I doubt it.

What with this and MAG to play - ME2 isn't getting much of a look in!


tdrules3184d ago

Actually I own a PC and a PS3, it is actually possible to own more than one platform and appreciate both, unbeknownst to the majority on here.

and yeah it was good, but FPS just dont work for ME on console.

oh and I could just say if you had a PC you could have already played BF2 by now

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CernaML3185d ago (Edited 3185d ago )

I have a feeling this Beta will be cracked and available to all anyway... It probably won't even need to be cracked.

Letros3184d ago

For some team based action in beta and/or full release, if you plan on playing on PC PM me sometime, have a vent server for use, eastern timezone location.

3184d ago
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