Coming to PSN this Week: Hustle Kings

Aaron Orsak on Playstation Blog writes:

"Hello all! My name is Aaron Orsak, US Producer of Hustle Kings, and I'm here with some good news. The wait is finally over…Hustle Kings hits PSN this Thursday, January 28 for $9.99! Developed by UK-based VooFoo Studios, in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment, Hustle Kings is undoubtedly the most realistic and entertaining billiards game available anywhere…period. I don't say this lightly, as being a tournament 8-ball player myself, it takes a lot to impress me. Well, color me impressed, because I can't stop playing this game! From just straight-up pool to intensely complicated masse, swerve, bank, and spin shots, Hustle Kings gets it right from top to bottom. It's so realistic that I've yet to find a shot that could be done on a real table, even shots I've seen the old pros pull off, that couldn't be pulled off in Hustle Kings. Not one! Oh yeah, and did I mention the game is beautiful?"

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WildArmed3280d ago

that silver torphy idea is amazing.
Man.. that's going to be one hel of a ride

Simon_Brezhnev3280d ago

about damn time its coming out been looking out for dis since last summer

LittleBigSackBoy3280d ago

had it since last year. the game is amazing, as well as the graphics.

DigitalEnemy3280d ago

Beware guys this game has NO VOICE CHAT! I bought this from my UK store and although a great game, its a huge dissapointment my friends and I cannot talk to each other during a online game!

* This is yet another reason Sony must hurry up and impliment a voice chat solution into the XMB ( please please have xgc in fw 3.20)

Wh15ky3280d ago

One of my favourite PSN titles. Great value for money, loads of game modes, online hustling is cool and those balls are just so damn shiny. There's also snooker DLC coming soon.
One niggle is the AI difficulty - amateur is far to easy yet the leap to medium is huge, some of the shots the medium AI pulls off are just ridiculous and when playing the pro AI you just can't miss a shot otherwise they'll clear up.
The other niggle is no voice chat, but there is the custom soundtrack option so at least you can listen to your own tunes whilst playing.