1UP: Warhawk Download version only $20?

"Multiplayer shooter Warhawk for the PlayStation 3 will be the first big game available exclusively via download (for we hear, $20) when it hits the PlayStation Network this fall."

Tekken 5 in US was $20, and in UK it was £7. Does this mean this game is gonna be £7 in the UK?

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Adriokor4733d ago

If it is it is a fair price

SuperSaiyan44733d ago

$20 in the US for T5?? Finally Europe gets the better deal!!

achira4733d ago

wow, if true a very great deal!

TruthHurts4733d ago

i hope socom is the same price.

$20 is a steal for a solid online only shooter.

do this SONY.

Mycococo4733d ago

i will get the disc version just to have it and the headset(hope the headset says warhawk or something) and then buy it online cause it is so cheap so i dont have to keep puttung the disc in.

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The story is too old to be commented.