This Week On The EU PSN Store (Jan 28th 2010)

Here is a list of the content due out on the European PlayStation Store this week. This list contains content that will be available on the Spanish (Spain) PSN Store. Other regions may get content not listed.

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WildArmed3406d ago

ASsassin's creed 2 DLC huh?
WEll i'mma have to turn it down and wait for a video on youtube to fill me in

FACTUAL evidence3405d ago

Still no new dam AVATARS! everyone is using the same dam avi's still. Sony makes premium ones, then everybody uses the 12 or less new lbp ones....cmon sony, out of all these new game mean to tell me you can't do 20 new avi's a week? It's going to be sad when the PSN have less than 100 premium avatars by the end of 2010.

Redempteur3405d ago

i turned on my AC2 game today and now i have ads about the dlc on the main menu ..
i hate those won't help me decide if i buy this or not ( youtube is actually a good idea )

execution173405d ago

KZ2, U2, demonsouls idk anything badass type of avatars

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