The most beautiful thing about Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain offers visuals that are pretty close to photorealism. The designers have taken their inspiration for the main characters from real actors. One of them is the hot model Jacqui Ainsley, who was the inspiration for one of the main characters, Madison Paige.

See this gallery of the beautiful young lady who has visited the developers at Quantic Dream for a studio tour.

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ThatCanadianGuy3191d ago

She is gorgeous ! Madison looks exactly like her.Like, it's almost scary how much detail is in the character.With the exception of the hair style, of course.

TheDudeAbides3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

dayum, she's hot

sorry i had to :)

Qdog3191d ago

Well there goes the uncanny valley, next the neighborhood. I am impressed, she is a beautiful girl, both in the tangible, and the digital sense. Great job Quantic Dream. Day one, this game will be burning up my bluray drive(PS3).

sikbeta3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

The most beautiful thing about Heavy Rain = Everything

HR is In a league of its own...

And that Woman is Damn Beautiful...

TheLog3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

Yeah she is much more pretty in person but in game model looks like a tranny. XD

IMO the most beautiful thing about heavy rain is their Guitar Hero or Rockband like gameplay.

Marceles3187d ago

I don't know what it is about this picture but for some reason she looks sexy as hell in it. Maybe it's the headphones, DS3, and opened shirt while sitting next to a dork like she's learning how to play it

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stuntman_mike3191d ago

that is scarily uncanny. excellent stuff QD.

stb3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

are these background face shot pic the game´s graphics...oh dud.

I CANNOT BELIEVE MY EYES...that cannot be the game, if that is it...then wtf is people mumbling about this freaking game not having the most realistic graphics ever....scrw whatever said/say such thing.

Edit:...sry thought that woman was the game´s graphic...anyway the girl in the game is way cute than her. lol

tiamat53191d ago

I agree.Heavy Rain is beautiful. I don't understand what people are taking about when they say it's ugly. These must be the same people who thought Bayonetta was ugly. She was strange but not ugly

sparta763191d ago

Just the fanboys from the other side.,
they swear aw comes close to this..
Can't wait to get my hands on this!
Is it wrong to want this more then gowIII?

nycredude3191d ago

Bayonetta looks out of proportion.

No it's not wrong to want this more than GOW3. Everyone has different taste, and this is different than normal games. However I am siked for both!

thewhoopimen3191d ago

same here. Definitely psyched.

artistadam3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

lol, the man with kratos in his avatar wants heavy rain over god of war... this is like the funniest thing ever... but, i totally agree with you, i want heavy rain over god of war III as well... i know what i am getting with GOW... heavy rain is something totally new and different... i like to try stuff that's new and different...

this girl is HAWT though!!

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Karooo3191d ago

sucks go play ur pc 360 game mass effect 2 [email protected]

PirateThom3191d ago

Xbox 360 - two years on, still no exclusives.

Socrates3191d ago

@ piratetom

You gonna pull that crap? What a bunch of BS. I guess the PS3 has -0 games then.

Going back to being serious though, Heavy Rain looks great.

Doc Sony3191d ago

Hmm, I always thought mMadison looked more like that cop from Law & Order: SVU, but I can see the resemblance here as well.

sparta763191d ago

Lol @ Doc!
Yeah I always thought the same!
Every time I see Madison I think of law&order

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