Team Fortress 2 Won't Feature PC-Xbox 360 Interplay

A couple of months ago, it was reported that cross-platform multiplayer interaction for Team Fortress 2 was achieved at Valve's offices and the developer confirmed that interplay between the PC and Xbox 360 version of the game was "technically done."

Unfortunately, Valve's Doug Lombardi, who revealed that such a cross-platform multiplayer between PC and Xbox 360 was possible, has now confirmed that it won't make it into the final game.

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gaffyh4731d ago

Good, PC FPS games should never have crossplay with console, the PC experience should not me marred due to the controller disadvantage to mouse and keyboard

Hectic_Kris4731d ago

but when they first tried 360 vs pc for shadowrun the people using controllers where mualing the keyboard and mouse ppl and they had to modify the controllers to give the pc gamers a chance

Rooted_Dust4731d ago

The only reason console players can keep up is because they nerfed the keyboard and mouse right from the start to level the playing field.

Rooted_Dust4731d ago

Stay the f**k away from Live, they will ruin PC gaming given half the chance.