Gran Turismo 3 Influenced Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion?

If you compiled a list of games that you believe inspired Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, you probably wouldn't include a racing game on that list. However, Bethesda's Todd Howard says that Gran Turismo 3 influenced their single-player RPG.

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Gran Touring3405d ago

"Simple, deep, and a car-lover's dream."


UnSelf3405d ago

what game hasnt GT influenced?

Guido3405d ago

If you are in fact a true car lover, you have to love GT since it is the one and only definitive racing game ever. It wins that title by the evidence you get in the game, not by some blowhard developer that doesn't know where their place is in the racing game genre.

Chris3993405d ago

I would say.

Possibly Hello Kitty Online, but I think there are vehicles in that, so I could be wrong.

Oldsnake0073405d ago

lets hope Gran turismo 5 influences ES5, cause ES 4 was AWESOME!

UnSelf3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

Even the bible game was influenced by GT's ability to instill faith in its players

bjornbear3405d ago

I'm sure Turn 10 would tell you "not our game!" xD

Speaking of Turn 10...I wonder what games Forza Influenced =O /jk jk

GT3 was amazing, even I got it! And I'm not that good at racing games =/

Tony P3405d ago

Considering that Bethesda has made racing games for a long time now, I'm not all that surprised they'd be paying attention.

rockleex3405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

GT3 ripped off of Forza, even though Forza came out after!

The definitive racer!

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Xof3405d ago

So would I be correct in assuming GT3 has bottom-tier writing, terrible animations, and godawful modeling work and decent environments?

young juice3405d ago

and it still sold 15 mill.

Polluted3405d ago

You're totally cool because you're on the internet, hating on stuff. You must really have superior tastes to everyone else out there because you dislike something popular. I hope one day I can be as awesome as you.

What are some other things you don't like? Modern Warfare 2? The Xbox 360? Killzone 2? Enlighten us, please.

Chris3993405d ago (Edited 3405d ago )

But aside from Patrick Stewart's 5 minutes of chatter in one of their titles, the execution - choppy graphics, floaty physics, mule-faced populace and generally poor art design was always an issue with me.

I never understood how all of their games received such high accolades when they're so obviously flawed - and I didn't even mention the BUGS (till now, at least :P)

Edit: I don't think that he was trolling guys, he was saying something similar to my comment - albeit in a more sarcastic and obtuse manner. If you were actually trolling Xof, piss off :)

tdrules3405d ago

Haha Oblivion is one of the best games of the past 5 years.
On PC most glitches were fixed months ago by the Unofficial Oblivion Patch.
Must be a shame to play a broken Oblivion.

EvilCackle3405d ago

"Bottom-tier writing"? Apparently you didn't play the Black Hand quests. Those were incredible.

Tony P3405d ago

"I never understood how all of their games received such high accolades when they're so obviously flawed - and I didn't even mention the BUGS"

Despite flaws they have come consistently closest to realizing that "go anywhere, do anything" RPG fans have dreamt of since the days of pen and paper. And they make the games look spectacular to boot. With every TES, Bethesda promises more and faces more scepticism only to blow it all away and surpass expectations every time.

I think a well realized grand concept is enough to forgive some bugs.

As far as writing goes, I don't believe they suck. The world and history of TES are too expertly crafted for ineptitude. They wrote hundreds of in-game books just for realism's sake. It's imo that they don't have the intense narrative approach of BioWare or standard JRPGs because that is naturally constrictive and counter to the freedom TES games represent.

Chris3993405d ago

Yeah, the freedom of an Elders-scrolls game is second to none. And for the record, I never said anything about the writing. I love the content and lore.

It's the EXECUTION that I have problems with. Clunky, bad character designs and recycled voices.

If they can inject a little pizzaz into ES: 5, it will be a personal GOTY for sure.

And as someone above me mentioned, the PC version is superior on account of the mods and graphic enhancements.

Tony P3405d ago

Ah, the writing thing wasn't directed at you.

True. A lot of the faces and models have the stink of randomization. And most look pretty unattractive. Maybe they could look at the most popular mods for Oblivion and take a few cues?

Voice acting bugs the crap out of me because it limits RPGs. While recycling may be standard in RPGs, there's definitely room to improve on Oblivion's cut n paste approach. That was just a stupid thing to do.

I have whole rant waiting in the wings on what Oblivion could do better, but bottom line for me is that the core concepts of TES are brilliant and the rest is minor enough to get by.

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36T3405d ago

The only thing Gran Turismo infuenced, was other devs, to make better games since the GT series sucked balls. lol

*waiting for a ps douche to show me a list of sales numbers*

Mista T3405d ago

has to be the most ignorant thing I've read in a while, congrats douche

cmrbe3405d ago

got 95 on meta and sold more than 15 million copies. If GT3 suck balls then Halo 3 suck major donkey balls.

Kid, You are so f*cking stupid.

36T3404d ago

*waiting for a ps douche to show me a list of sales numbers*

cmrbe is the winner!!!! lmao. loser!

3405d ago
RamiHixxy3405d ago

This was one of the hardest games iv played to be honest it rocks and i still play it :). Bring on GT5!!

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