Appmodo: Phantom Mansion Chapter 1 - The Red Chamber Review

Appmodo writes: "The levels start out easy enough, you enter a room, find keys to unlock doors, and grab all the skulls. New objects, enemies and obstacles are introduced as you advance. The rooms also become progressively bigger, so that you don't see everything at once. This adds to the challange, and higher levels will take a few tries to plan your moves.

Graphically, the game is pretty simple with its pixelated style. The sound is equally amateurish, with Vincent Price-style creepy laughs, mysterious footsteps and cheesy organ music. Somehow, it works any way.
My only real complaint is the controls. With a four-direction virtual joystick, you have to maneuver into just the right position to push boxes and pick up items. Movement isn't always smooth and at times I found myself inching forward, only to overshoot the needed location."

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