No More Heroes 2 still not planned for Europe

LiveWii writes : "As we were contacting Namco Bandai Partners to question them about the PAL release of No More Heroes 2 : Desperate Struggle, they have affirmed that they got no information about it. Does Travid trying to avoid Monster Hunter Tri and other "big releases" or should we make a link with the fact that Marvelous has sold Rising Star Games auctions ?"

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Cajun Chicken3405d ago


Come on. I really wanna play this in UK...

LoaMcLoa3405d ago

I'll plant atombombs all over the world if they won't publish it in Europe!!

pcz3405d ago

Us Europeans always get a raw deal with video games.

SpoonyRedMage3405d ago

No, Rising Star still has the Marvelous contract but they have to sort a lot of stuff out and they've still got a lot of Q1 games to sort out(like Fragile).

It's really unfortunate for us Europeans but Rising Star is a tiny publisher compared to Ubisoft and they have to sort it out for all the non-English speakers.