DICE Talks Mirror's Edge Sequel

NowGamer: During a recent visit to the Stockholm-based studio, DICE talked to NowGamer about a follow-up to it's futuristic free-runner

As DICE and EA gear up for the release of Battlefield: Bad Company 2, NowGamer caught up with executive producer on the project, Karl-Magnus Trodesson, to ask about DICE's future and the possibility of a Mirror's Edge sequel...

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Madis0073186d ago

More freeroaming, multiplayer , better AI and ofcause MORE DAYLIGHT MAPS.
Its sad there was only one fully daylight map(sun only) and other was little bit dark

morgle3186d ago

I really enjoyed the first and would love to see another!

xabmol3186d ago (Edited 3186d ago )

I really want (NEED) a sequel to Mirrors Edge. I frikin love that game!

I borrowed it from a friend and beat it. Then I bought it. I like buying new creative games and trying to let the Devs know I want another. Plus I enjoy the time trials. :)

Being a big fan of platforming games, I really se this as a "hardcore" platformer. It takes time and skill, and once you get into the flow of the game, OMG it is so much fun! I relly enjoyed the style of the game and the idea behind the story, even though it needs to be a bit more filled out, which I hope they work on in the sequel.

And speaking of adding things...

MP races against your friends would be cool. Oh, and ghosts for the story time trials too, please!

I really hope they are working on this!!

Disccordia3185d ago

It was a great game and despite the flaws, I applaud DICE for trying something new and different. My only hope for a sequel is that there is less emphasis on combat and more on parkour and puzzles.

Son_Lee3186d ago

I loved the first one, despite its flaws. It's one of my favorite games this gen. Mirror's Edge has the potential to be an ENORMOUS franchise.

stuntman_mike3186d ago

..who also liked this game apart from me a sequel would be excellent. really liked the world they created especially the city with its distinct look.

ian723186d ago

I liked the first game also, would be nice to get a sequel.

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The story is too old to be commented.