The Real Reason Bad Company 2 Beta Didn't Come To 360

Bad Company 2 senior producer, Patrick Bach has given a different explanation as to why the games beta was a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

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reaferfore203279d ago

"We had made an exclusive on Xbox 360 for the first Battlefield: Bad Company and we had lots of negative feedback from the PS3 community, so this time we decided to turn the wheel and serving players on Playstation 3. But we always look to make a demo available on all platforms, so the 360 community should not be disappointed."

Didn't see that one coming at all...

mjolliffe3279d ago

Thing is, one part of the DICE team said one thing, and another said the complete opposite.

They're either lying or just not communicating very well...

WildArmed3279d ago

they already answered this a long time ago..
(before the ps3 beta launched and ended)

dkblackhawk503279d ago

They certainly do need to communicate with each other more often.

Socrates3279d ago

I figured it was something like that. The game is looking great in any case.

IdleLeeSiuLung3279d ago

Didn't see that coming at all!!!

Bigpappy3279d ago

There are some serious PS3 cry babies out there. I can see a developer giving them a little something to shut them up. If the 360 version doesn't look and play better then they will get a letter from me.

Just kidding!!!


"The Real Reason Bad Company 2 Beta Didn't Come To 360"

"because of PlayStation 3 gamers giving DICE a slight hard time the last time around."

is that really true?

that's downright laughable.

Unicron3279d ago

The only thing worse than PS3 "crybabies" are the constant 360 fanboys playing the "omg we're the victims" card when they can't take a taste of their own crap.

3279d ago
Raf1k13279d ago

This is really old.

Read about this the other month.

likedamaster3279d ago

Fair is fair, but I've been saying this, as to why they did this, a long time ago.

Redlogic3279d ago

that username is laughable too!

ZombieNinjaPanda3279d ago

*looks at gamer zone*
*Looks at open zone*

So anyway..Which guy is telling the truth? Or perhaps both explanations given were part of the problem.

Bigpappy3279d ago

No, you are not wrong Bungie. I think they said that the 360 version was solid and didn't need a beta.No if the game ends up not working properly on live, I encourage every 360 owner to get a refund and not accept any patches. This game better look and run really well on 360.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )


of cores it is.
it was made from info that was downright hilarious.

EVILDEAD3603279d ago

LOL @ DICE saying they knew the 360 version would be fine over Live so the extra time wasn't needed.

Even if this 'new' reason is not is EXACTLY how the demo was used by the PS3 loyalists on the net.

As a part, of the massive hate that Modern Warfare 2 got for the support it game the saw the usual haters repeat that they weren't going to buy MW2 and that they were going to purchase BFBC 2 instead.

Once they realized that MW2 was too big on their own system to hate, they continued to use BFBC 2 in their comments to counter any positive talk about MW2.

We all know though that the same peeps couldn't care less about the first game let alone this one...that is until the 'exclusive PS3 beta' was released.

Intentional or backlash and still 360 owners are going to fully support the game as well. That is why the timed 'Dante' demo was brilliant as it avoided the backlash as well..

We will see how other developers approach this interesting new way to combat F-boyism based game backlashes in the future.

In any case, I thought the first one was a blast on and offline (especially the genuinely funny campaign banter) Plus the graphics in some levels like the helicopter canyon level were top notch and very underrated. Here's to hoping that the sequel brings this franchise success similar to the big boys


Persistantthug3279d ago

This game is a MUST HAVE for me.

I had the first one, BAD COMPANY 1, and I had fun with it for a few months, but then I traded it for Dead Space.

This New Bad Company (2) seems to have improved on alot of things.

I can't wait. :)

SilentNegotiator3279d ago (Edited 3279d ago )

Like I've always said: Complaining gets results more often than you think.

"The only thing worse than PS3 "crybabies" are the constant 360 fanboys playing the "omg we're the victims" card"
I agree 100%.

IaMs123279d ago

Wait so WTF? I dont care that it went exclusive BETA, because either way each plateform will get it but how the F does that make sense. So we upset the PS3 community the first time thro so now its time to do the samething to the 360 community? Quid pro Quo... its called your bring it to the PS3 as well so you satsify all your fans

Saaking3279d ago

The beta was awesome. I'm definitely buying the game.

ryuzu3279d ago

There's a PC Beta so there's a beta on a ... what is is 360 games are called when they're not exclusive? "Microsoft Platform" - ah yeah that's it. There's a beta on a "Microsoft Platform".

So all you 360 guys have a beta too - be happy!


StanLee3279d ago

Get the fcuk outta here! This guy must be a moron with a comment like this. So the PS3 community complained when the first Battlefield Bad Company's beta was XBox 360 exclusive, so you make the second beta exclusive to the PS3? How the fcuk is that common sense? You now have an even larger community complaining moron! This guy is an imbecile.

glennc3279d ago

relax dude. who really cares about a beta. when the game drops it will be forgotten about by all but the serial complainers. i am happy to squeeze every last kill out of bc1 until then and best of all it will be worth the wait.

D4RkNIKON3278d ago

Here Saaking, have a bubble. You are looking low, I can hit you up again in a day or so.

The Happy Baby3278d ago

...get what you want!
This is a basic skill that is taught to us at birth. :)

Motion3278d ago

They said that the first beta was on 360, so for the second game they did it on ps3. That's it.

@Bigpappy- "they said that the 360 version was solid and didn't need a beta". I really hope you're not serious. Yeah, all balance and gameplay bugs are worked out in the 360 version...I can't even respond to this. And it has nothing to do with Live, the networking isn't even the major reason for having a beta, that's what stress tests are for.

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kevco333279d ago

Arranging such exclusivity - with or without the platform holder's involvement - will only ever breed contempt. Get used to it devs; it's your choice.

Obama3279d ago

I played the beta, and hope that they will increase the player cap in the final version. Most likely won't happen though.

Persistantthug3279d ago

Bad Company 1 was 12 vs 12, and now Bad Company 2 is 12 vs 12 real progression on with that.

I still really like the game, but I feel the game should be docked a bit (review score wise) for that.

They should have pushed for 16 vs 16.

Motion3278d ago

Just don't buy the console version...32 players, problem solved.