Burnout Paradise – the PS3 Attitude Retro Review

PS3 Attitude: "Welcome to the PS3 Attitude Retro Review, where we take another look at titles that were released at least six months ago and discover whether they still ought to garner your attention. This time, it is the turn of Burnout Paradise.

Two years ago this week Burnout Paradise landed on the PS3, and after numerous new features and downloadable packs, we take another look at it and see if it is still worth your money..."

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ian723187d ago

I got this game day 1 and its been one of the best games I have ever bought. Lots of gameplay time and with the great DLC plenty more to be had. I would reccommend this game to anyone who likes fast driving games. The city it was set in was also great with many things to do. With multi-player on top you get plenty bang for your buck (as they say).
I still play this game sometimes, 2 years after release.

Towers763186d ago

This is still one of the best games released this generation irregardless of platform choice. The way Criterion handled DLC for this game is the model EVERY other developer out there should try emulating.