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Worst of all, MAG, perhaps more than any other game ever, needs to make concerted efforts to attract large numbers of people to play it and stick with it. It doesn't.

Technically sound, but Zipper has done so little to make it's overly complex game palatable that NowGamer can't recommend it.

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Gigalol4199d ago



bubububbu t only AAA title teh salesss!!!


General Jewels4199d ago

It was already told to PS3 users this game is nothing but pile of garbage..256 Players so what? But no...they overhype any random game they choose. TRIPLE DDD Unknown flop games.

Straight to the garbage can where other overhyped PS3 games lay.

mesh14199d ago


Hellsvacancy4198d ago

And wot did NowGamer give Halo-ODST?

6.3? thats an even bigger flop

Trebius4198d ago

Wonder why there's a review? :P haha. I wont believe a reviewer that hasnt even played the game.

And ODST was given a lower score than this, so I guess by Xbot Fangirl logic that's a flop too...


Alan Wake4198d ago

hehehehheheehe Flop of the year

AAA tutu my A$$

Sony happy with first Flop of history


mcnablejr4198d ago

of an already terribly succsful game
its not like anyone cares what odst got, it sold well. it just wasnt original.

trancefreak4198d ago

none of you bots read the review this looser complains about trying to figure out how to find good players to play and how to figure out the games objectives.

Firstly Gavin Mackenzie, get some good psn friends to play with if you have any.

2nd Mr Gavin Mackenzie read the [email protected] instructions, faq. mission details. In a war its up to you as a good soldier to learn how to survive and win.

3rdly this review has epic fail all over it with complaints of being confused with a lack of understanding of the game and not being able to find players to play. Please!!

Wheres the review that talks about anything related to the game you [email protected] Ranks, weapons, customizations of player characters and how well balanced the game can be with all the items that come with the game and ranks.

4thly Mr. Gavin Mackenzie i bet you played the game Beta for about a whole 5 min because you cant give or or provide a well written review that details such a massive never done on a console before action packed fps.

And lastly Mr. Gavin Mackenzie, you self pwned your @ss by not reviewing the final product ultimately making your review a load of horse crap.

Perhaps wait for the release of this game and provide a proper review after actually playing and ranking up in this full featured massive title with all its features enabled.

Phony reviews when the game isn't released without people playing just dont cut it. Ill make sure to avoid you and your reviews in the future.

Well on another note just stay away from mag if your a fps noob not willing to learn a tactical squad based shooter.

ChrisW4198d ago

A planned and calculated facade! Simply put, they gave that score as false propaganda. Everyone knows that NowGamer is being fronted money by Nazi MS!

And being now being one of the first to post a review for MAG, they've ensured the success of their plan; to demoralize Mother Sony supporters and sympathizers! This blatant injustice will not go unnoticed!

LEGENDARY PELON4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

Didnt even had to read the review!

6.8/10 says it all!!!

Check metacritic/sales in a few months!

-6.0 in Metacritic
and -100 copies sold!!

Heck this game might even go in the Guinness World Record book for biggest FLOP of all time!!

DavidMacDougall4198d ago

Hellsvacancy just ended this bs so quick LOL

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Dark3604199d ago


Xbox 360 = Mass Effect 2 = Real Winner

Ps3 = MAG = Real Loser...HAHAHAHAHAHA

...Better Luck Next Time DROIDS...LOL

LordMarius4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )


should have done a Socom game, no one asked for MAG
still this review is a bit early so I will wait for more

WildArmed4199d ago

I have the same sentiments exactly.
Zipper should have done the next-gen SOCOM.

But since MAG is here, it'll have to do until their next game comes out ^^
And honestly, Zipper knows how to do TPS games best.. and the should have stuck to their guns.

-Alpha4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

A Socom game would not only be more reliable for sales, but it would also be much more welcomed.

MAG I think will fair in the high 70's overall. Again, not too bad, but nothing too special outside the 256 set up. But I do think that players will be happy with the 256 players-- though I do think it's more of a gimmick, but it seems Zipper has executed it well.

The reviews keep pouring in.

I think the big problem with MAG is that when you look past the surface, the execution demands players to be very communicative. That is something that is VERY hard to co-ordinate, ESPECIALLY with 256 players.

I think that over time the community will develop, but if the problem is the execution then I am more inclined to blame the community than the actual game.

But, MAG is still a decent good game, and I do think that the 6-7 scores are justifiable if the game is being judged on its average graphics/animations, typical gameplay, etc.

So, it seems that the selling point of 256 players is the only thing that can get MAG exceptional scores, but that experience can be ruined by the players.

I am not going to try and make excuses though-- I do think MAG should take more time before getting reviewed, but at the same time, it is a typical shooter.

We will see with time.

Dev8 ing4199d ago

I think MAG is just so they can get their feet wet with the PS3, just like infamous was. You will probably see a new SOCOM next as well as a new sly before you see sequels to these games.

pixelsword4199d ago

This story is reported. If it doesn't get removed, Then N4G fails and I will pass this story along to other people in Sony's Gamer Advisory Panel.

Baba19064199d ago

really? i had a blast with the beta. i thought it was realy fun. i dont see this beeing a 6.8. i would give it an 8 or something.

DirtyLary4199d ago

They are working on Socom :4. It's already been in development for 2 years. Except to hear about it soon after the MAG hype has died down.

EvilCackle4199d ago

"I will pass this story along to other people in Sony's Gamer Advisory Panel" - this has to be the nerdiest threat I've ever heard.

Guido4199d ago

has reviewed over 40 games and has an average review score given of about 7.0 so to be honest, you cannot expect much more than this from somebody who had higher expectations for a game and then gets stuck playing the game with folks not interested in playing as a team. he gave it a score based on his own experience and as we all know, online experiences will differ from group to group.

Bigpappy4199d ago

They are doing the review from the beta, which I guess is the same as reviewing a game with a preview build. It will be interesting to see what gets added after the beta, but the media has to put an opinion out so readers, who rely on them to help them know what to expect for their hard earned cash, can make an informed decision. I don't rely on review scores, but am aware that some of you do.

pixelsword4199d ago (Edited 4199d ago )

Like I care what you think.

I'm on Sony's Gamer Advisory Panel; Sony tends to pull advertising from people who pull bull-chip tactics like this.

Ask Kotaku.

nycredude4199d ago

Are you guys fvcking serious? Nowgamer is the site to watch when you want real reviews? Sure we should all just jump off the wagon cause the great site "nowgamer" review a MP only game BEFORE it releases right!?

And what is this?

"Worst of all, MAG, perhaps more than any other game ever, needs to make concerted efforts to attract large numbers of people to play it and stick with it. It doesn't."

How does a game make a concerted effort to attract large nubmers of people to play it? It's only a game. It's up to the gamers to build a community for it, however with people being all negative towards it before it is even release who you going to blame if it doesn't take off? If anything blame yourself! All the developers can do is make the game. Gamers need to support it. As for all you people who aren't interested adn want the game to fail, what the fvck are you doing here? If you are not going to support something new and different, then good luck with your COD every year! I for one have purchased my last COD game ever.

You're either part of the problem or part of the solution.

captain-obvious4198d ago

im in this game RIGHT NOW
and i cant even start playing it
after it shows the intro, it shows this big gray screen with this big MAG logo in the center
i press X to continue
after that it says ((connecting to server)), and then it shows 2 gray blocks with nothing in them

and that's it, you cant do anything from their
now i know this is all because its a MP only and it need to connect to the server and the servers are not up yet
so how did they play it ??

and you cant review a beta
that's a joke

TROLL EATER4198d ago

Epic fail as expected. halo reach will be the best multiplayer experience

Redlogic4198d ago

then due to your comment, you should eat yourself!

on topic: I'd love to know if they reviewed the beta or reviewed the same event Destructiod did (they gave the game an 8 btw)

Rampant4198d ago

Said it at last years e3. This game brings nothing new to the table except for the scale of the battles, and since maps are so big it will feel just like resistance, killzone or halo because not every1 will fight at the same place.

DatNJDom814198d ago

the 360 fanatics say that PS3 fans go in xbox articles and troll. yet the first person to ever comment on a PS3 game related news, wether its good or bad, is Bungie followed by the 360 troll-a squad. hypocrites.

Nice to see nowgaymer reviewing a game that is totally reliant on its online component. yet its online component is not even ON. well good for stirring up sh!t and hits i guess. great job "game journalists".


MAG/6.8 = Oh now i see the OUTSTANDING power of the Sony Cell Processor!! hahahhah!


Don't be sad droids, hopefully ya hopes go up when ya play some of ya 2080p Unfarted 2!

Christopher4198d ago

My only issue is in scoring the game based on the ignorance and inability of the people with which you're gaming.

no_more_trolling4198d ago

ouch indeed

play beyond baby

Dandiego4198d ago

I tried the BETA and wasn't expecting anything... play this and tell me this is better than a 7 and you're lying to yourself. To really say if a game is good please play it a couple of hours. Every game is good for the first 20 minutes. This game is going against MW2, Battlefield 2, Halo, KZ. I personnaly don't play spacy games so I'm more MW2 and Battlefield but both those games are superior or will be to MAG.

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reaferfore204199d ago

Shouldn't this say MAG BETA Review?

Dev8 ing4199d ago

Yeah if there is a Review I expect it to cover all aspects of the game. I want to know about the training modes and the different gameplay types. The beta only let you play 2 of the gameplay types. As someone mentioned above this wreaks of fanboy.

DW4199d ago

... it's pointless ... I've never heard of a review for a beta. it would have been better if they said preview ... and didn't attach a score to it. It's not like it's out in another country or something.

Kornholic4198d ago

A word from Sony:
"Reviews can’t be written until the game is actually out. I mean, you can’t pass pre-release judgment on a game whose major, industry-leading feature (256 players in a single battle) can’t be tested until release day."

So, this is a made up review based probably on the first beta, ladies and gentlemen.

mikepmcc4198d ago

No idiots, all the reputable games journalists were invited to a private play session a month ago where both LAN and International play were tested.

borgome4198d ago (Edited 4198d ago )

NO surprise here, everyone knew this game was crap, except for the you know who's.

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