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TheSixthAxis writes: "Armed with a killer buzzword (or, more accurately, a prodigious number), Zipper Interactive's MAG has hovered in the background since its surprise debut at E3 2008, promising much before skulking back into the shadows and leaving a wake of unanswered questions in its path. Like, what does 256 players on one map actually play like? What have been the trade-offs – if any – in terms of performance and the game's aesthetic in order to achieve this admittedly impressive technical feat? And, most importantly, is the FPS market as a whole ready for a game where the emphasis is not so much on personal achievement, but the concept of team-work and strategy?

MAG has been treated as a deus ex machina by Sony; a salvo in a genre-war they're seen historically to be on the losing side of. Keen to highlight the game's salient virtue of scale, Sony have understandably taken the easy road when faced with the task of dazzling potential adopters to MAG. After all, it's easier to quote a number rather than dissect the ensuant qualities that arise from a game of such scope, aspects that may in fact be somewhat daunting and are assuredly missed by some. But, fittingly, it's these virtues that marks MAG as a truly eye-opening and engaging experience."

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Dark3603191d ago

MAG = FLOP...Sorry DROIDS...

Better Luck Next Time...LOL

Double073191d ago

8/10 is now regarded as a flop? Just wow at you.

Hell it could have got a 10 and you'd still call it a flop.

Take your BS and gtfo, thanks.

Pennywise3191d ago

Don't feed the trolls.

Noone cares that reviews are coming out for an online only game and the servers aren't even up yet... That's funny!

Aquanox3191d ago

8/10 from a heavily biased in favor of Sony website doesn't look good.

Droid Smasha3190d ago

even PRO sony sites are giving this mediocore reviews hahahaha

not good zipper

likedamaster3190d ago

"This event – and hence the author’s expenses – were covered by Sony."

No self-respecting reviewer would let Sony cover their expenses. Can't even buy a good review for this game.

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Omega43191d ago

Not bad, surprised it didnt get rated down for being a fulled priced multiplayer only game

ToastyMcNibbles3191d ago

i agree but then again whats been the most important be all end all feature in a game this gen? yep..multiplayer

WildArmed3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Actually that's what I was mainly afraid of.
Most online only games havn't faired so well in reviews this gen.
With a few exceptions like Warhawk..
I do love MMOs, and hope this trend continues.
I can't wait to get MMO's outside of the FPS zone.. (not much of a FPS gamer).
Anywayz, MAG is here and now we get to see how far it'll go.
(but I still believe that Zipper could have done 12vs 12 or 16 vs 16 better than anyone else. And I probably would have enjoyed that more than MAG.. (Zipper SOCOMs were just so AWESOME!)
Not to say that MAG is bad.. the beta was extremely fun.

Mr_Bun3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

Halo is only a 6/10 without MP and L4D is about a 5 without it....It is multiplayer that made those games. Don't knock the price of an online only game when the biggest games on the 360 are nothing without the online aspect

peeps3191d ago

depends. if the mp is packed full of content then it's fine. i mean i spent about 6 hours in mw2's single player and like 4 days in mp lol the single player was nice but i honestly cudda gone without it...

Mr_Bun3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

MW2 has had an opposite effect with a lot of players...the hacks/exploits have turned most of the people I know, away from playing online

-Alpha3191d ago

So if SP games are not rated down then it wouldn't be fair to rate down MP only games-- though, I do think there is more value in a SP game than a MP game, but again, you cant judge the content on what it lacks. If that was the case then SP games could be judged for lack of MP which they never are because people understand not every SP game needs a MP, so I think it would be fair to say not every MP game needs a SP.

But, I do think that a MP-only game needs to be very special and big. I do think MAG fits the bill and though personally I wont be buying it, it's still a seemingly big enough game to justify the price.

Besides, let's not pick on just MAG when numerous games aren't worth the price tag.

peeps3191d ago

well yeh lol i personally haven't played the game in a few weeks.

but at least MAG's had beta after beta and a lot has changed since the first.

if an online only game released with a ton of bugs it would obv be a problem (see the mess that was socom:c lol) but providing it's tested properly i'm for games that focus on 1 aspect rather than trying to do too many things at once e.g. i'm not totally sold on the whole adding mp to bioshock 2. i'll give it a go but my main reason to buy that game is for single player

PoSTedUP3191d ago

i agree. this is some thing new to consoles this generation (as far as i know) starting with warhawk, then socom, now this. people will start to understand that concept. uncharted was a awesome game, played it 4 times, and it was a good experience. but I believe that uncharted2 is worth more than 60$ because it's an epic game and it also has MP. same with MGS4.

MP was never maditory, so single player should not be manditory if the online game is in depth and a really good experience.

MAG should be really cool but it might not be for everyone, no game ever is...

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Gigalol3191d ago


hahahahahahaha DROIDS....FAIL AGAIN....PS3rh FAIL AGAIN hahahahahhaa



LordMarius3191d ago

Beta Review?, Game Review?


bioshock12213191d ago

Apparently its a game review since in the other MAG review the guy who reviewed it said that Sony held an event for the press to review the game. That's a pretty bad score especially when its a Sony website. I'm not shocked for one I don't get why people think the more players the more fun the game is. For me it would be to chaotic.

PoSTedUP3191d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

so now an 8 is bad? it actually shows that they are not biased even though they are a sony website, they should get praised for that. i wouldnt want a bunch of dishonest reviews saying a game is a 9.9 and then i spend 65$ on it and it is really bad. would you? a review is to inform you from someone elses perspective about a game or movie etc. that dosent mean you'll agree with it, you have to try the game first. that is somethign i ahve learned. and regardless of the reviews, ima check out the new army of two.

and some people like chaotic, to me it feels like a real huge war, more serious. but thats just me.

i also play socom 4v4 sometimes too, whatever i am in the mood for.

Colmshan19903190d ago

The Sixth Axis is an independent website which, when it started, only covered PS3 topics, as that was all the staff had at the time. It has since expanded to cover the 360 also, and the PSP to a lesser extent. There is no bias on the site. They ban fanboys instantly as well. It is a very well run site, where you actually enjoy reading the comments. I notice that perhaps they are a bit harsh when they review either a 360 or PS3 game, but I prefer that to making a bad game sound good.
There is no bias at the site, here are some of their review scores:
L4D2 9/10 MW2 9/10 FIFA 8/10 Gay Tony 9/10 Forza 3 10/10 Uncharted 2 9/10 inFamous 7/10 MGS4 10/10 Bioshock 9/10 LBP 10/10 Motorstorm 6/10 Killzone 2 10/10.
As you can see, 8/10 is a very good score from that site, but there is no pro-Sony/ anti-Microsoft bias.

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