GameOver: Bayonetta Review

Hideki Kamiya, the director of the trend-setting Devil May Cry last gen, is back with Bayonetta - his latest romp in the action genre, and the first one starring a witch who uses her long black locks to both disrobe and transform in the middle of battle to dispatch foes. The titular character's attacks are some of the most outlandish you'll ever see, and she's so bad-ass that she not only dual-wields guns with her hands, but has a pair strapped to her feet as well. Bayonetta takes DMC's frantic pace to the next level, while never taking itself too seriously. The plot is completely insane, but fits the equally crazy on-screen action, and ends up featuring some memorable characters and a lot of laughs due to its tongue-in-cheek tone and remarkably high-quality voice work.

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