God Of War: Collection is Again on Sale for Under $30 is once again offering God Of War: Collection for PlayStation 3 for $29.99. This matches the cheapest price that was ever available for this game and the deal will most certainly sell out really soon again.

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CryWolf3276d ago

A course God Of War is going to sale for $30 bucks I would buy two copies of God Of War Collection even without the God Of War 3 demo.

jalen2473276d ago

Wow. They are practically giving it away at that price. PS3 owners should have this game in the collection.

Even if you own GOW I and GOW II, you are better off trading both of them in and picking up the GOW Collections to keep in your gaming library.

megax83276d ago

I agree. It's a great price for 2 amazingly good games

raztad3276d ago

I finally got this amazing collection, and the best thing about it? cost me just 20$. 30$ - 10$ promotion after having MAG preordered. Quite a bargain if you ask me. Glad I decided to wait.

megax83276d ago

Amazon is really good with all these sales and promotion. You got to give them credit for that. With patience and some searching around you can find great bargains.